A Pseudo-F2P Team that can Easily Handle the World Tournament on 30x Difficulty


Hello everybody!

I hope you all enjoyed the WT that just ended in JP.

I ended up playing a lot more WT than I normally do, and the reason is I found a Psuedo-F2P team that performed extremely well on 30x difficulty.

After my first few successful runs with the team, I decided to write down the results of my AoEs' performances so I could quantify just how well this team works.

In this post, I'll describe the team and detail its performance.

The Team

I'm calling this team psuedo-F2P because the only units on the team that you need to spend normal dragon stones to obtain are two extremely common SRs that have been around for years.

Another two of the units used are gasha SSRs, but they can both be obtained with red dragon stones. I understand that some people may not be able to use this team because they picked different units with their red dragon stones, but that doesn't change the fact that those SSRs can be obtained without spending normal dragon stones.

Here's the team's lineup:

Kid Buu

Although Kid Buu is a gasha unit, he's pseudo-F2P due to the fact that he's been a red dragon stone unit for the last two rounds of red dragon stones. The most recent two red dragons stones came after it was leaked that Kid Buu was getting an EZA next, so people had plenty of reason to pick him.

Kid Buu is the leader of the team, and he's a surprisingly excellent team leader for WT. There are two primary reasons for that.

  • His leader skill

  • His support buff

First, Kid Buu's universal leader skill works great for WT. Post-EZA, his leader skill is +3 ki and +50% DEF/HP to all allies; All allies ATK increased by up to 80%, depending on remaining HP. Due to the nature of WT (where you can't risk allowing your opponent to attack), your HP will always be at 100%, so its effectively a +80% ATK buff. This buff is small compared to what the category leaders can give, but my results show that it's enough. The HP and DEF buffs that Kid Buu gives are even smaller, but, as I said, WT is an event where you can't risk having the enemy attack at all, so you HP and DEF buffs don't really matter.

The reason I prefer Kid Buu's leader skill over a category leader is it allows you to use any AoE that you'd like as a friend. I'll expand more on this below when I get into the detailed performance of the AoE units, but I had great results using LR Cell in the first three bouts and then I'd use a LR Broly as my friend in the finals.

I don't have a single friend who had one of those units as their leader. However, I was always able to find at least one of them for every bout of every tournament that I played. If I had used a category leader instead of Kid Buu, I would have been forced to always use one or the other instead of having the option to freely switch between them.

The second reason Kid Buu works so well as a leader is he is a useful sub, which means that you don't feel like you've wasted a slot on your team just to get good leader skill. Because you're always at 100% HP in the WT, his passive is effectively always +2 ki and +50% ATK/DEF to all allies. The ki and the ATK buff are extremely useful, and it can help push the non-LR AoEs to damage threshold where they can still one-shot many teams.

TUR LSSj Broly

TUR LSSj Broly is another red stone unit. He's no LR LSSj Broly, but he's extraordinarily good as an AoE for WT, especially considering how easy to obtain he is. TUR LSSj Broly has been a red dragon stone unit since the red dragon stone first debuted, so people who want to perform well in WT could have easily rainbowed him by now.

TUR LSSj Broly serves as your backup AoE. At the free dupe level, he struggles to 1-shot teams on the third and fourth bouts of WT. However, he can easily handle teams in the first and second rounds. Having him on your team allows you to advance through early rounds of a given tournament much faster than just relying on a friend's LR AoE unit.

Final Form Frieza (GT)

Final Form Frieza (GT) is a completely F2P unit that can be farmed in the Super Android 17 story event.

Final Form Frieza (GT) is an excellent support unit for WT. He provides a constant +2 ki and +25% ATK/DEF to all extreme-type allies. Considering all of the non-garbage AoEs are extreme-types, Final Form Frieza (GT) is able to act as a universal support partner for the team's TUR LSSj Broly and whatever friend AoE you bring along.

Cell (Perfect Form) (GT)

Cell (Perfect Form) (GT) is also a completely F2P unit that can be farmed in the Super Android 17 story event.

Final Form Frieza (GT) has the exact same role as Final Form Frieza (GT). He also provides a constant +2 ki and +25% ATK/DEF to all of the useful AoEs.

The one thing to watch out for when using him is to be sure to not mix him up with LR Cell. The two units have the same pose in their portraits, and the only real difference between them is LR Cell has traditional LR shading. The one defeat I had while using this team was when I mixed the two up. Unsurprisingly, my non-AoE, SA lvl. 1 Cell (Perfect Form) (GT) was unable to one-shot an entire team on 30x difficulty. After my Cell (Perfect Form) (GT) supered for around 30k damage, the opposing team's SSBE Vegeta responded in kind by supering me for approximately 600k damage.


This is one of the non-F2P units on the team. However, he's an SR that's been around for years (possibly since the beginning of the game), and people have long recognized his usefulness in WT and more recently recognized his usefulness in SBR. Thus, he's a unit that most players have.

His single purpose is stunning the enemy on the first turn he appears. Chiaotzu may be a one-trick pokemon, but that doesn't take away from that fact that it's a very useful trick. Stunning allows you to save your Ghost Ushers for another day and still not have to worry about being killed.


Jaco is in the same situation as Chiaotzu. He's non-F2P unit, but he's an SR that has been around for a long time and most players know to keep at least one copy of him handy for WT and/or SBR.

Like Chiaotzu, Jaco stuns the enemy for one turn.

Performance of TUR LSSj Broly and the Friend Leader AoEs

To test how well various AoEs performed under Kid Buu's +80% ATK leader skill, I wrote down the results of how many enemies were killed per AoE for each AoE that I used during various bouts of the WT. There were three AoEs that I primarily used:

All the AoEs used were at the free dupe level. I occasionally used a friend leader AoE with some dupes, but I chose to leave those AoEs out of my testing results.

Below is a chart detailing each AoE's kill percentage during the various bouts of the WT.

Foo 1st Bout (Preliminaries) 2nd Bout 3rd Bout 4th Bout (Finals)
TUR LSSj Broly 100% 92.9% 85.4% 55.9%
Majin Buu 100%
LR Cell 100% 100% 100% 74.2%
LR LSSj Broly 100% 100% 100% 97.8%

Note: I only recorded data when an AoE was launched at units with full health.

For example, say TUR LSSj Broly supered first in the finals and managed to kill only 4 of the units on the enemy team. It would be noted that he killed 4 and left 3 alive. If LR Cell were to then super and finish off the 3 units that had already been damage, no results would be noted for LR Cell because the enemies he killed weren't at full health when he launched his AoE.

Additional Data:

  • I was only ever able to find a Majin Buu friend leader when I was in the 1st bout. Thus, I don't have any data for his performance during the latter bouts.

  • There were only two enemies who survived LR LSSj Broly's attack in the finals. Both of them were LR Majin Vegeta on a SSBE Vegeta team. A third enemy, SSBE Vegeta on a SSBE Vegeta team, looked as though he would survive as well, but LR LSSj Broly's second attack was a critical hit, so he ended up getting the kill.

  • TUR LSSj Broly's ATK ranges from 375k to 755k depending on who else is on the turn.

Friend Leader Preferences

First Bout (Preliminaries)



  • Those two are tied for performance in the first bout. They each super extremely easily, and they both have more than enough damage under Kid Buu's leader skill to 1-shot every enemy.

Second Bout



  • Unfortunately, I was never able to test Majin Buu outside of the first bout. However, his damage is lower than TUR Broly's unless you get extremely lucky with orbs, so Majin Buu likely wouldn't have had a 100% kill rate in the second bout.

  • Perfect Cell was my choice here because he had a 100% kill rate and his passive gives him enough ki to guarantee a super.

Third Bout



  • Just as with the second round, LR Cell has a 100% kill rate in the third bout. That combined with his passive's ki buff makes him the best AoE unit for the third bout.

Fourth Bout (Finals)



  • The finals is where LR Cell's damage reaches its limit. His ki buff still makes him a convenient choice, but his 74.2% kill rate in the finals makes him an arguably worse option than LR LSSj Broly.

  • LR LSSj Broly makes you use it orb changing item to get him to super more often than not, but his damage output makes up for it. Even under a +80% ATK leader skill his damage output was high enough to get a kill rate extremely close to 100%.


This team's performance at 30x difficulty shocked me. I initially started using it because I misread Kid Buu's leader skill and thought it gave up to 130% ATK to all allies. Even after I realized my mistake, I continued to use it because it was working so well.

For those who want to perform well in WT with easily obtainable units, this team is the way to go. If you add a dupe or two to TUR LSSj Broly, it will perform even better.

I hope that you all enjoyed this post.

If you notice any errors or have any questions, please let me know.

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