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Something occurred to me earlier today: I've never actually done a full analysis for Jiren's average ATK.

His basic initial ATK equation is pretty easy to calculate since his passive has a simple +130% ATK boost. However, he has the unique mechanic of automatically landing critical hits against stunned enemies. Obviously, that mechanic has an impact on his overall average ATK, so it must be taken into consideration.

In this post, I'll look at the five most recent dokkan fests to determine how often Jiren's stun, and therefore his built-in criticals, will land. I'll then calculate his ATK based while factoring that in.

Jiren's Stun Chance

Here are the five most recent dokkan fests released in JP:

  1. SSj Goku
  2. First Form Frieza
  3. MVP 17
  4. Full Power SSj4 Goku
  5. SSj Gohan (Future)

It's difficult to accurately estimate how long you'll spend in each phase of each fight. The ToP category doesn't rely on build-up units as much as a lot of the other teams. That means the early phases will go by relatively fast, but the later phases will last longer.

Taking that into account, Below are my rough estimates for the average phase duration. And please note that these are based on the free dupe level. Adding dupes significantly reduces the duration every phase. Having even two dupes on your hard hitters would nearly halve the phase estimates shown below.

  • Final Phase:
    • 3.5 turns
  • Second-to-last Phase:
    • 2.5 turns
  • Third-to-lase Phase:
    • 1.5 turns
  • All Previous Phases:
    • 1 turn

The following phases in the five fights listed above are immune to stunning:

Of the five most recent dokkan fest fights, only SSj Gohan (Future lacks a phase that is immune to stunning.

Based on that and the estimated phase duration that I stated above, enemies will be immune to stunning only 29% of the time. Thus, Jiren's stun and crit combo will be eligible to proc 71% of the time.

Jiren's Average ATK

Just for reference, I'm using this for Jiren's team:

Note: I didn't do full team calculations to ensure that this is the APTimal ToP team. However, I calculated the ATK of a few of the borderline units, so I'm moderately confident that the above team is the APTimal ToP team.

Here are Jiren's active links on that team:

  • SFB; 100% uptime

  • Hero of Justice; 67% uptime

Average Buff from Links:

  • +32% ATK

Initial ATK Equation


  • 12,780 (enhanced ATK) x 4.0 (Jiren leader skills) = 51,120

  • 51,120 x 2.3 (passive) = 117,576

  • 117,576 x 1.32 (average links buff) = 155,200

*155,200 x 1.5 (12 ki multiplier) = 232,800

  • 232,800 x 5.35 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system buffs) = 1,245,482

Jiren has a 10% crit chance from his dupe buffs. Thus, in order to accurately calculate his average ATK, I need to calculate it with and without an enemy that can be stunned and then do a weighted average of the two resulting ATK figures.

Average ATK Without an Enemy Who Can be Stunned

  • 1,245,482 x 1.015 (average type modifier) x 0.9 (non-critical hit chance) = 1,137,748

  • 1,245,482 x 1.9 (critical hit multiplier) x 0.1 (critical hit chance) = 236,641

  • 1,137,748 + 236,641 = 1,374,389

Average ATK With an Enemy Who Can be Stunned

  • 1,245,482 x 1.9 (critical hit multiplier) x 0.325 (critical hit rate) = 769,085

  • 1,245,482 x 1.015 (average type modifier) x 0.675 (non-critical hit rate) = 853,310

  • 769,085 + 853,310 = 1,622,395

Combined Average ATK

  • 1,374,389 x 0.29 (percentage of turns where enemies can't be stunned) = 398,862

  • 1,622,395 x 0.71 (percentage of turns where enemies can be stunned) = 1,151,900

  • 398,862 + 1,151,900 = 1,550,762

Overall Average ATK



Jiren's unique stun and critical hit mechanic was annoying interesting to calculate.

It ended up yielding a 12.8% ATK increase for him, compared to what his ATK would have been without that mechanic. I assumed the mechanic would provide a larger boost when I began writing this post, but 12.8% isn't bad at all, especially when you consider the fact that the mechanic also provides defensive utility by stunning enemies.

I hope you all enjoyed this post.

If you have any questions or notice any errors, please let me know.

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