Card Idea: LR Pan

~Pan (GT)~

-Typing: AGL

-Leader: All units with the GT link +3 Ki, HP, ATK and DEF +90%

-Super Attack:

~[12 Ki]: Causes colossal damage

~[18 Ki]: Causes colossal damage, great chance to stun the enemy

-Passive: High chance of ATK & DEF +200%, recovers 30% of HP dealt as damage

-Links: All in the Family, GT, Battlefield Diva, Shocking Speed, Kamehameha, Fierce Battle, and Legendary Power

===[How to obtain]===

Pan has a rare chance of showing up in the "Pan's Secret Adventure" event, and appears on the left side. When she appears, you land on her marker and the fight is like a Dokkan Boss.

~[Round 1]: Pan, Trunks, and Goku

~[Round 2]: Pan, Super Saiyan Trunks, and Super Saiyan Goku

~[Round 3]: Pan

Beating this boss fight will get you SSR Pan. From there, you need 77 SSJ4 Goku medals to get Pan to UR. After that, you need 77 Pan, Trunks and Goku medals from the GT story event to get her to LR status.

-Card Art:

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