[Deck Discussion] U/R Wish Gohan "Justice Beatdown"

[Deck Discussion] U/R Wish Gohan "Justice Beatdown"

So my love for Gohan as a character and how they portray him in this game is no secret with the friends I play with, and when they spoiled the newest Gohan leader with the new wish mechanic I knew I had to try him out for myself. Luckily he actually had the abilities and desire card that interested me the most as well as the advantage all blue leaders have just by being in the color. It's pretty clear that the leader is about winning the game and leveraging advantages through leader combat which I found a refreshing change from the usual decks, which is why I decided to go all in in the idea of making Gohan a beast that will end the game for me a majority of the time. Without further adieu here is the list I came up with.

U/R Justice Beatdown


So lets first talk about the leader itself and then some of the packages and synergies that make the deck run smoothly.


This leader is very strong imho, as it gets to run the dragon ball package to smooth out draws, and thin out the deck which just makes your games more consistent. Another great thing about Gohan is that on the front side he is a 15k attacker that draws a card which is perfect for keeping the pressure on. His synergy with his desire card is obvious as the more you attack the stronger is power gets until the end of the turn which is always great.

Things get interesting when you assemble all 7 dragon balls and flip him over to his wish side and get to have lots of options as well as your game ending wish. Flipping in the deck is fairly consistent on turn 3 but can happen on turn 2 or 4 occasionally. A common play I like to do is attack to get the last dragon ball, play Call of Justice to untap and attack again to carry the 10k boost over, then flip and get your desire card back and attack again. Then you can either draw a card to play conservative or play your desire card for free with his second ability and get to attack a THIRD time with a 25k attacker.

I have heard talk of people saying Gohans wish is among the weakest of all the wish leaders but I have to disagree here. It's clearly not as strong as Shenron's busted wish but it can really get the job done, and with the right set up it will almost always be what facilitates your finishing turn. Granting 15k and crit to himself is already pretty decent for a game ending attack (especially in a deck that has 6 ways of giving him DS) but the real gravy is un-tapping 3 energy so you can unload your hand. With the help of Senzu or Unyielding you can do nutty things like dropping 2 Hit's in one turn to clear the way, or just make sure you can drop multiple threats to compliment your Gohans final push to victory.

  • Leader Buff Package

4 Fortuneteller Baba, Earth Seer

4 Call of Justice

4 Senzu Bean

3 Encouraging Presence Monaka

3 Furthering Destruction Champa

This package is solely focused on making your leader attack the scariest threat on your side of the board. The nice thing is that besides Justice and Monaka the other cards can be used on battle cards in a pinch if they negate your leader attack.

Call of Justice: This is the namesake of the deck and what really makes it scary, this little unassuming two drop can actually lead to a lot of pressure when you get to play it early to attack for 15k then 20k on turn 2 all while drawing 2 cards, then flipping and getting it back for the big game ending attacks where you will generally be attacking with a 30k critical gohan multiple times with the ability to give it double strike.

Fortuneteller Baba, Earth Seer: This helps the earthling package out as well as the leader buff package all while offering a bit of removal and card draw, which makes this little one drop the swiss army knife of the deck. Getting an extra 5k on your leader on the big Call of Justice turns can make a difference, and the fact that it's until the end of the turn and you can still combo with the card for more draw means one mana investment can easily turn into a 15k+ boost.

Encouraging Presence Monaka: This classic card trades the 10k pump in battle for a card draw when compared to Champa but the real nice thing is having options and diversity in the way we make Gohan a threatening attacker. There could be an argument to run 4 Champa and 2 Monaka or vise versa but I like the 3/3 split personally.

  • Earthling Package

4 Fortuneteller Baba, Earth Seer

4 Everyone's Pal Yamcha

The earthling synergy package is a small but important part of the deck. It gives it a bit more draw power and a decent attacker in Yamcha. Since all trunks and Gohan cards have that sneaky earthling tag, and the powerful videl counter is earthling as well the deck does not have to run weak cards to fit enough earthlings and can boast a consistent 24 earthling in the deck for Baba to buff or Yamcha to find off the top.

  • Dragon Ball Package

7 Dragon Balls

1 Dragon Radar

3 Surestrike Son Gohan

Considering the leader himself will generally get 3-5 Dragon Balls by himself and with the help of Call of Justice, the deck does not need too much help getting the Dragon Balls in hand, which is why I run just a few support cards.

Dragon Radar: I am not gonna lie this card is kinda nutty and will usually read draw 2 important cards no matter which way you slice it. When I play it turn one before attacking it has a pretty good chance to find at least one dragon ball and a desire card but it can miss which sucks. Where it really shines is when your opening hand has a dragon ball or two and you get to reuse them to fill up your hand. It might be correct to bump this up in numbers as finding the desire card is very important to this deck but right now im just not sure.

Surestrike Son Gohan: My head tells me this card is just average but my heart tells me to play four copies, so naturally I am a bit conflicted. I don't really know how to evaluate this card accurately but the way I see it now is a way to flip easier as well as provide some much needed pressure when approaching the big turn 4-5 all in plays the deck tends to go for. If I do end up adding a card or two I think this is the card I would trim on first but I think the deck is better with this card.

  • Other Cards

3 Foreseeing Hit

3 Heroic Duo Videl

2 Burst Attack Son Gohan

These cards mostly fill out the deck and pad the earthling count a bit as well as providing utility in tough matchups. BA Gohan is just an overall good card and can help us claw back from a Xeno or Cell Chain, as well as being a good target for Champa. Videl is probably reds best counter and has the added benefit of sometimes getting to be played again off of Flute which is great (and shes an earthling). Hit probably needs the least explanation of all as hes still one of the best red cards in the game and is the main way the deck actually closes out games. Depending on how integral Hit is to actually winning with this deck in the next few weeks I will probably order another one to play the full 4 as you always want to see at least one by turn 4 and sometimes even 2 if you pop your wish.


Well boys and girls that the end of my overly long analysis of my newest Gohan brew, but I hope someone reads through it all and maybe tries it out for themselves because its actually a very fun deck and quite competitive as well. Feel free to let me know what you think!

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