Dokkan Battle Hero Extermination Plan – Guide (Heroes Edition) – Full Details

Being able to Dokkan Awaken Majin Vegeta was one of the main reasons why I farmed the Dokkan Battle Hero Extermination Plan. Aside from that, there are tons of other rewards, including: farmable characters, Dragon Stones and Awakening Medals.

Note: This post originated from the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle subreddit forum, which can be viewed here.

Hero Extermination (Heroes) SUMMARY

  • Heroes Extermination (Heroes Side) is a very special type of event. The current limitation for the (Heroes Side) version of the event is you may only use SUPER TYPE CHARACTERS. For example, cards like Goku or Gohan.
  • Each Stage has its own additional limitations on top of only being able to use SUPER TYPE CHARACTERS, such as being not being able to use Super PHY cards or being required to use a rainbow.
  • Each Stage only has one difficulty available.
  • With the current version of the event, you are able to farm SSR Hatchiyack, SR Dr. Lychee, and SR Teen Gohan, as well as many Support Items and Awakening Medals that you could normally only find in their respective events. Furthermore, there are medals obtainable only through this event that allow certain Extreme SSRs to dokkan awaken.


Stage Limitations Boss Reward (First Drop ONLY) Difficulty XP Zeni
1F – Clayborn Warrior NONE AGL, TEQ, and INT Saibamen 1x Dragon Stone Hard 590 4100
2F – Miniature Menace NONE TEQ, INT, and STR Cell Jr. 1x Dragon Stone Hard 600 4200
3F – Invincible Warrior No Rainbow Ki Spheres Raditz 1x Dragon Stone Hard 700 4900
4F – Prince of the Saiyans No TEQ Ki Spheres Vegeta 1x Dragon Stone, 5x R STR training item Hard 710 5000
5F – Royal Might No PHY Ki Spheres King Vegeta and Kid Vegeta 1x Dragon Stone, 5x R TEQ training item Hard 760 4000
6F – Frieza’s Right Hand No STR Ki Spheres Zarbon and Dodoria 1x Dragon Stone, 5x R INT training item Hard 770 5500
7F – Space Pirate No INT Ki Spheres Chilled 1x Dragon Stone Hard 820 5800
8F – Walking Obliterator No AGL Ki Spheres Android 16, 17, and 18 1x Dragon Stone, 5x R PHY training item Hard 830 5900
9F – Destroyer of the Universe PHY Type Characters Banned Turles’s Minions into Turles 1x Dragon Stone, 1x Tree of Might Medal, 1x Tree of Might Item Hard 880 6200
10F – Heart Cold as Deep Space AGL Type Characters Banned Bojack’s Minions into Bojack 3x Dragon Stone, 1x Teen Gohan, 1x every Bojack Medal Hard 890 6300
11F – Superior Strength INT Type Characters Banned Cooler’s Squad into FF Cooler 1x Dragon Stone, 1x every Cooler Medal Hard 900 6400
12F – Being of Hate and Ruin TEQ Type Characters Banned Perfect Cell, x2 Cell Jr 1x Dragon Stone Hard 910 6500
13F – An Unusual Villain STR Type Characters Banned Fat Buu, Dabura, Babidi 1x Dragon Stone, Baba Item OR Ghost Usher Item Hard 920 6600
14F – Wicked Bloodline Awakened Characters Only, No STR Ki Spheres FF Frieza, FF Cooler, King Cold, Chilled 1x Dragon Stone, 5x Awakened Frieza Soldiers Z-Hard 3000 8000
15F – Metallic Demon Awakened Characters Only, No TEQ Ki Spheres x5 Rainbow Meta Cooler 5x Dragon Stone, Metal Cooler Medal Z-Hard 3100 8200
16F – Depth of Despair Awakened Characters Only, No INT Ki Spheres Kid Buu, Perfect Form Cell, FF Frieza 1x Dragon Stone Z-Hard 3400 8500
17F – Burning for Vengeance Awakened Characters Only, No AGL Ki Spheres Lord Slug, Turles, Cooler, FF Frieza 1x Dragon Stone Z-Hard 3500 8700
18F – Warrior of Hate Awakened Characters Only, No PHY Ki Spheres Hatchiyack and Dr. Lychee 1x Dragon Stone, 1x Dr. Lychee Z-Hard 3600 8900
19F – Magnified Malice Awakened Characters Only, No Rainbow Ki Spheres x5 Rainbow Hatchiyack 1x Dragon Stone Z-Hard 3800 9200
20F – Wild Hatred Awakened Characters Only, No Rainbow Ki Spheres Hatchiyack, Lord Slug, Cooler, FF Frieza, and Turles into Hatchiyack 10x Dragon Stone, 1x Hatchiyack, 1x Elder Kai (Character) Z-Hard 4000 10000
21F – Hatred Android Awakened Characters Only Androids 13, 14, and 15 into Fusion Android 13 1x Dragon Stone, 1x Gold Hercule Statue Z-Hard 4500 12000
22F – Destruction Prince Awakened Characters Only Vegeta into Majin Vegeta 1x Dragon Stone, Majin Vegeta Medals Z-Hard 4800 13000
23F – Changing Majin Awakened Characters Only Majin Buu (Fat) into Buu (Super) into Buutenks 1x Dragon Stone, Majin Buu Medals Z-Hard 5000 14000
  • There is a grand total of 38 Dragon Stones obtainable.
  • Awakened means the units are required to be both Z-Awakened and form a full Rainbow team. ***


Icon Name Rarity Type Max HP Max ATK Max DEF Leader Skill Passive Skill Link Skills
Hatchiyak – Raging Rampage SSR PHY 7349 7078 3851 +20% ATK to ALL Types Restore 40% of HP When Killing an Enemy Hatred for the Saiyan Race, Berserker, Big Bad Bosses, Tough as Nails,
Dr. Lychee – Vengeful Spirit SR TEQ 8181 4982 3721 AGL type enemy -20% ATK -8% ATK for ALL Enemies Scientist,Hatred for the Saiyan Race,Revival,Brainiacs,
Gohan (Teen) – Resolute Assault SR STR 7438 5279 3721 +30% HP +1500 ATK to ALL All in the Family, Z Fighters, Saiyan Warrior Race, The Saiyan Lineage, Golden Z Fighters


Icon Name Rarity Type Max HP Max ATK Max DEF Leader Skill Passive Skill Link Skills
Majin VegetaFarewell, Proud Warrior (A Warrior Obsessed Dokkan) TUR Extreme TEQ 8670 7526 4008 TEQ, AGL, and STR HP and ATK + 25% ATK +50% at start of turn Majin Resurrection Plan, Super Saiyan, Saiyan Warrior Race, Saiyan Pride, Over in a Flash, Supreme Power, Shattering the Limit
Majin Buu (Good)Majin on the Loose (A Monster Unleashed Dokkan) TUR Extreme PHY 8193 7176 5273 All Types ATK + 30% When HP goes below 40%, recover HP by 25% The Innocents, Revival, Master of Magic, Majin, Shattering the Limit, Infinite Regeneration, The Wall Standing Tall
  • Characters with the link “Shattering the Limit” require 7 Medals from this event to dokkan. For example SSR Majin Vegeta needs 7 Majin Vegeta Medals to dokkan into TUR Majin Vegeta.
  • Hatchiyack, Dr. Lychee, and Teen Gohan can all be farmed to Super Attack Level 10, but are guaranteed drops on first clear of their respective stages.
  • Elder Kai is NOT farmable, sadly.
  • Any medal that is in the first drop is available in their respective stage.
  • The Dr. Lychee Baba Shop Glitch has been patched. In the past, you were able to sell them for 10,000 Baba Points.

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