Dokkan Fest Team Building Guide – SSJI Trunks

If you need any team building help/team checking, please post for this event (or any running along side it) in the GLB Team Building Megathread, but feel free to post any teams that you have beaten the event with below

[Fusion Zamasu Team Building Guide]() by u/PrismAzure (will be posted later)

Wiki guide

Rage Trunks, Ikari Trunks, Retcon Trunks, whatever you wanna call him is finally here!


Man, LR Broly really did squash all these upcoming Dokkan events. His early release on Global basically makes every event a cake walk and this one is no different.

Team builds

These sample teams can be optimized depending on what you have. They're just taking advantage of the special link.


Villains will really shine here given how 2 of their mainstays have the special link to deal additional damage to Trunks. You'll be able to run at least 3 cards with the link (Fusion Zamasu, SSJR Goku Black, and Goku Black) and be prepared for whatever this ningen Trunks throws at you.

Sample team

Mono STR

Mono STR with LR Broly stumps everything, the end. No but seriously, you should have no trouble with mono str. Given how they face no type disadvantage whatsoever and have type advantage against the main phase (PHY SSJI Trunks), then it'll be relatively easy crushing Trunks' hope.

Sample team


The heroes have the benefit of running multiple types so you can gain an advantage over Trunks. You can also use SSJI Trunks as your lead, but it might make things more difficult for SSJ Future Gohan if you plan to use him as he'd start with 6 ki (leads+PfB link) rather than 8 ki.

Sample team

Mono AGL

While mono AGL has a type disadvantage during the TEQ phase, they easily clobber Trunks' two STR phases. A good mix of quick offense and survivability with Super Vegito's passive, mono AGL stays strong even in the face of tough adversaries.

Sample team

Mono TEQ

Quick and to the point. The classic beatstick team has no disadvantage until the last suicide phase, which even then isn't a problem.

Sample team

Mono INT

Alright, so mono INT has a type disadvantage against the main phase of the fight so you'd think they'd be one of the least useful teams to use. Nonetheless, they have a plethora of stunners and debuffers that they could survive the type disadvantage and win (albeit at a slow pace).

Sample team

Mono PHY

Mono PHY never did have many fans before FF Cooler. While they have type advantage against the very last phase, it's hardly a concern to begin with so there's no real incentive to run them. There's also the issue with facing two phases with type disadvantage, which can cause problems understandably.

Sample team

The priority for running dual God mono teams for this event, providing you have none of the event counter cards would be

F2P team

Given how the main phase of the fight is PHY, mono STR should fare pretty well here. Additionally, it helps that you can use the new SSJI Trunks and Future Trunks together to make use of the special event link for an extra damage boost. This is for those who don't have much luck with summons so if you have better options, then feel free to use them instead.

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