Every 3rd consecutive loss seems to be a bot match

I'm not sure if this is known or not. I started playing a few weeks ago, and in PvP I am currently rated at level 31. I just wanted to accumulate some gold missions, and I need a lot since it's on half time for now, so I would just forfeit rated pvp matches (field a level 1 saibaman) repeatedly just to collect the missions. But then I noticed that after losing 2 matches in a row, I'd suddenly fight some player who has a few level 10 characters and that was it. I had a single level 1 saibaman, so that wouldn't work so I started bringing a level 2k character so I could win and get points at the same time. Right after that win, I would fight a team of full 2k characters.

So then the pattern showed up, lose 2 matches, and then fight a team who's power level is lower than yours, and averaged across 6 characters. That's interesting, because if I bring a team with fully boosted purple broly, and 5 level 1s, I'd fight a team of characters who are level 300ish.

I did the test again, this time with 2 level 2000 characters. Again, 2 real people and then a "person" but this time they had level 600ish characters across the board.

This seems reproducable and consistent. Does anyone else have any info on this? Does anyone know when this effect stops if it's a confirmed "feature" of the game? I only lose 15 points per match so I am actually ranking up doing this.

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