Dokkan Battle Global Dupe System FAQs [Guide]

Thanks to Reddit, we have another very informative Guide/FAQ regarding the Dupe System coming to Dokkan Battle, check it out below.

Well originally I wasn’t planning on making a guide for the dupe system, since there’s already some available (please check out koala’s post here or Zen’s video here for an introduction of the dupe system) but I thought I’d gather everything together and clear up any confusion

Before I get into the questions, I’ll mention how the potential ability system orbs are scarce and you won’t be able to max out any card right away. It took a while before things got rolling on JPN, but hey, maybe Global will be more generous

Anyways, onto the questions!

Q: Which cards can I use the dupe system for?

A: It’s only for cards of rarity UR and higher. That means that you have to z-awaken an SSR into a UR before you can use the dupe system on them. Also, if you want to undokkan a card (let’s say LR Androids as an example) then you would only be able to reduce them down to UR form, since the dupe system doesn’t work on SRs.

Q: Which path should I unlock with my dupes?

A: If the card is SA 10 or you’re planning on getting them to SA 10, then use the bottom right path. If not, then go with the top left. Top left and bottom right (more so bottom right, which requires a certain SA lvl in order to use) give the best skill boosts so those take priority.

General priority for dupes is 1. Bottom right (best boosts) 2. Top left (good overall boosts) 3. Top right (good boosts to attack) 4. Bottom left (good boosts to defense and health

Q: Who should I focus on first to raise their stats?

A: Ideally any God leads or strong cards that you have (such as percent based passive cards). By that, I mean cards with Immense SA multipliers or high percent boosts like the original SSB Goku. Also worth noting that all dokkan fest exclusives before Super Vegito get a higher stat increase than everyone else as seen here.

Q: Does every card get the same boosts?

A: Nope, all dokkan fest exclusives before Super Vegito get the highest stat boost than anyone else, averaging +7000 to all stats. Regular banner cards and LRs receive a normal boost of +5000 to all stats. Lastly, free and farmable cards get an increase of +3000 to all stats, which makes have low priority for the dupe system

Q: Do I have to dokkan the dupes to be able to feed them to the dupe system?

A: Absolutely not, you can just buy a reverse dokkan medal from the baba shop (for 30 gems) and reverse dokkan your main card back to SSR/UR form and feed them that way. Once done, you can reverse dokkan your main card back to a TUR+ for no extra cost. It’ll also save you from unnecessary farming

Q: If I use a dupe for the dupe system, does it also raise the card’s SA lvl?

A: No. The dupe would only be used to unlock a dupe path only (but it’s usually the better choice)

Q: Can I unlock everything without dupes? A: No, but you can still get pretty far without them. This is as far as you can get with no dupes

Q: When is the dupe system coming out on global??? A: Not sure, it’s possible to be released by the 27th, but probably by next month at the latest

Lastly, I didn’t mention which skill combos would be good since it varies on the card and your own preferences. However, I’ll reference these other posts if you’re curious on what would work best

*Critical vs. Additional Attack( *Crit. vs. AA breakdown ( *Ability Skill values( *Card and skill pairings ( *How OP a card can get(

Special note: Some card types get a free lvl 5 skill, which allows for a max lvl of 20 on the dupe system. The skill can be either Dodge, Critical, or Additional Attack depending on the card type. This can affect how much you can increase each skill * PHY and AGL get the +5 lvl to AA * STR and TEQ get the +5 lvl to Crit * INT get the +5 lvl to Dodge

Special note 2: cards with unique passives like Super Vegito are affected differently with these skills. Critical attacks can occur when Super Vegito counters, additional attack will “stack” their extra SA effect, and dodge will allow Super Vegito to dodge and he will still do a counter attack. For cards like LSSJ Broly, additional attack will be on top of his original attacks (so he can attack up to 4 times in very rare instances, but more often 3 times)

That’s probably the common questions that I’ve seen get asked, but lemme know if I missed any others

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