How to Dominate the NEW Dokkan Battle World Tournament (Global, Update 2.15.2)

Are you prepared for the NEW Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle World Tournament? Better yet, are you prepared to take on Ambition x20.0?

Thanks to a major heads up from my friend DJ Beta, we have the low-down on how to tackle the NEW Dokkan Battle World Tournament coming to Global.

Now that Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is through with maintenance, we got our 5 Dragon Stones, we are informed that release 2.15.2 brings updates to the Dokkan Battle World Tournament. Before you get nervous about having to change your team format completely, take a deep breath. We have you covered.

What is the Dokkan Battle World Tournament?

The Dokkan Battle World Tournament is a 5-7 day long event (Global Edition) or 4-Days if you play the JP version. During this event period, players battle against computer controlled teams to earn rankings, prizes, and rewards.

The Dokkan Battle World Tournament has multiple difficulty levels, as well as multiple tiers. The higher the difficulty level, the more points that you earn. The more points that you earn (difficulty level, win streak), the higher the tier that you are placed in.

Here are the current Dokkan Battle World Tournament Tiers:

  1. Videl
  2. Master Roshi
  3. Korin
  4. Kami
  5. King Yemma
  6. King Kai
  7. Supreme Kai
  8. Elder Kai
  9. Beerus

How the World Tournament works (Credit to Wikia):

To join the Dokkan Battle World Tournament, press the circular orange button at the main screen titled “World Tournament.”

There are small tournaments that you play that require STAmina. Each tournament has 4 rounds, each subsequent round has increasing STAmina cost.

Each round has items scattered around the map, such as healing items, support items, awakening items, Zeni, maxed out non-rare / Rare cards, and Ki boosts.

The Preliminary (also known as the 1st Round) has the biggest map and costs 10 STA.

Here, you will fight against 3 other players’ teams controlled by the computer. The player with the smallest die roll makes the first move. (1st Round = Preliminary Round = Qualifying Round)

Note: It is not necessary to fight all three opponents. You can either let them kill each other and fight whoever is left, or fight all of them. By not fighting or by not picking up enough fight points, there is a chance that you will not proceed to the next round.

The two left teams standing, or the two with the most points left standing progress to the second round.

There is a limit to how many moves (max. 10 moves) that you and the other three opponents can make. Once those moves are up, the round is over.

With each tile you move, you gain 1 point. If you move 5 tiles, you gain 5 points. You also gain 1,000 points by landing or moving over your Starting tile.

The 2nd Round (Quarterfinal) costs 15 STA and is a battle consisting of you against 1 opponent’s team controlled by the system.

Beat the opponent and you advance to the 3rd round.

You are allowed 9 moves per round for all 4 rounds. Once those 9 moves are spent, the announcer will call off the battle and you will still need to fight the opponent(s). The 9 moves per round allow you time to move around the map to heal and to pick up other items.

The 3rd Round (Semi-Final)  and 4th Round (Final) are the same as the 2nd, you’ll have to fight 1 computer-controlled opponent.

The 4th round costs 20 STA instead of 15 STA like the 2nd and 3rd round. (3rd Round = Semifinal; 4th Round = Final)

After each round, you gain points that move you up the 9 ranks and you will receive a golden medal after each completed tournament.

If you lose a battle in any of the 4 rounds, you have to start over.

Winning tournaments can place you in the ranking placement of 101-1000, 1001-2500, 2501-5000, 5001-10000, and so on. Your ranking at the end of the tournament determines the final prizes you will get.

How Points Work:

On The Map:

  • Move 1 tile = 1 point

Crossing over or landing on your Starting position in the 1st round = 1,000 points

In Battle:

  • Take 1 wrong color orb = 1 point per orb
  • Take a rainbow orb = 2 points per orb
  • Take 1 good color orb = 4 points per orb


  • Color Type Advantages : AGL icon > STR icon > PHY icon > INT icon > TEQ icon > AGL icon
  • Super/Extreme Type Advantages : SUPER > EXTREME > SUPER
Advantage KO Disadvantage KO Neutral Type KO Advantage Super KO Disadvantage Super KO
UR Cards 1800 points 900 points 900 points 3600 points 1800 points
SSR Cards 1350 points 675 points 675 points 2700 points 1300 points

Super Attack can give you up to 2x points based on the advantage/disadvantage KOs you get with it.


  • AGL icon SSJ2 vs STR icon SSJ3 Goku = 1800 point (Advantage KO)
  • STR icon SSJ Goku vs INT icon SSJ Gohan = 900 point (Super vs Super Type KO)
  • STR icon SSJ Bardock vs TEQ icon FF Cooler = 1800 point (Super vs Extreme KO)
  • AGL icon SSJ Goku vs TEQ icon SSJ2 Goku = 900 point (Type Disadvantage KO)

If you win with a Dokkan Super Attack, you earn 2x points based on Type Advantage (Advantage = 3.6k, Disadvantage = 1.8k).

Now, let’s go over one major change in regards to ranking in the Dokkan Battle World Tournament.

The Dokkan Battle World tournament now has Local and Overall tournament rankings

Dokkan Battle World Tournament, Dokkan Blog, New Dokkan World TournamentDokkan Battle World Tournament, Dokkan Blog, New Dokkan World Tournament

Previously, you would continually clear Preliminary > Quarterfinal > Semifinal > Final, over and over, until you earn whatever rank you were going to earn. Things have changed. Now, you can choose difficulty levels and take on players in the tournament that have started right around the same time as you (Local).

Note: You are automatically earning local and overall rankings each time you participate. The difference is that there is a global ranking and a ranking amongst other players with accounts similar to yours.

The major difference here is that there are rewards for each side of the tournament. The big reward for the local ranking is a Piccolo that can be Dokkan awakened into LR Piccolo. On the overall ranking side, there an excellent STR Super Saiyan Goku.

And for the big change… The Dokkan Battle World Tournament just got a whole lot harder…

Dokkan Battle World Tournament, Dokkan Blog, New Dokkan World Tournament

The Dokkan Battle World Tournament now allows for a range of difficulty levels. While you can still play the tournament on the lowest difficulty and wipe out teams, the higher difficulty levels grant more points.

The tradeoff, however, is that this guide explains in detail the best strategy that you can use in order to take on the Dokkan Battle World Tournament, and it’s not exactly easy.

In the past, I will admit that I would bring as many attack all characters as possible, along with a Puar to match. This, due to how easy it was to just change the field to the color of your attack all character, such as Majin Vegeta or STR LSS Broly, and win the round.

The change comes with the new Ambition system. In order to earn more tournament points during the new Dokkan Battle World Tournament, you will want to choose Ambition levels that are more difficult. When you do that, the teams that you face will be much stronger than what you have faced in the past.

By much stronger, I mean that enemy characters can around 200k HP each.

Therefore, relying on a Xeno Trunks with Super Attack level 1 may not be worth your time and energy if you do not build your team around him. Which leads me to the meat and potatoes of how to dominate the NEW Dokkan Battle World Tournament.

Here is what we recommend that you do in order to dominate the NEW Dokkan Battle World Tournament from Release 2.15.2.

Build your team around one specific Attack All character – For this guide, I am going to talk about Farewell, Proud Warrior Majin Vegeta

Dokkan Battle World Tournament, Dokkan Blog, New Dokkan World Tournament

Your goal, if you have an attack all character such as Farewell, Proud Warrior Majin Vegeta is to get their super attack off. The challenge with the update to the Dokkan Battle World Tournament released Friday, January 20th of 2017 is that your enemies can tank your previous 50k damage.

You now need to up the bar when it comes to the damage dealt by your attack all character: in this case, let’s assume that you are focusing your team around Farewell, Proud Warrior Majin Vegeta. This is my character of choice, due to his super attack doing mass damage with a rare chance to stun all enemies.

Bring a leader that will greatly compliment your Attack All character’s damage

Dokkan Battle World Tournament, Dokkan Blog, New Dokkan World Tournament

Majin Vegeta is Extreme TEQ, so I need to bring a team that can amplify his damage, block until he can get his super attack ready, and be able to help with preparing for his turn. For a leader, I will be using Cyan Juggernaut Super Saiyan God SS Goku. His leader skill gives TEQ allies +33% ATK for every TEQ Ki Sphere obtained.

Along with that, Cyan Juggernaut Super Saiyan God SS Goku’s passive skill changes all Rainbow colored Ki Spheres to TEQ Ki Spheres. These two abilities will not give my Farewell, Proud Warrior Majin Vegeta the ability to hit for over 250k with ease when he uses Final Explosion.

My initial thought was that I should bring Godtenks, since he is mono-God TEQ. While this is not a bad idea, I will maximize the damage of Final Explosion and be able to create more TEQ Ki Spheres using Cyan Juggernaut Super Saiyan God SS Goku.

Bring characters of each type, instead of running a mono-God based team

Even if you bring a mono-God leader, you will still want to bring characters of each type to allow for blocking against the variety of types that you will face. Not that you cannot succeed with a mono-God TEQ team, but it will be pretty difficult tanking Janemba and other INT type characters in the World Tournament without using a bunch of items.

For my team, I have chosen:

  • Leader: Cyan Juggernaut Super Saiyan God SS Goku
    • Type: Super TEQ
    • Leader Skill: TEQ Allies ATK +33% for every TEQ Ki Sphere obtained
    • Passive: Burning Battle Cry – Change Rainbow Ki Spheres to TEQ Ki Spheres
  • Attack All (Primary Damage): Farewell, Proud Warrior Majin Vegeta
    • Type: Extreme TEQ
  • Utility: Enraged Onslaught Super Saiyan Goten
    • Type: Super TEQ
    • Passive: Change all AGI Ki Spheres to TEQ Ki Spheres
  • Blocker: Unparalleled Golden Ki Super Vegito
    • Passive: Damage received from normal ATKs -80%, counter with tremendous power
  • Filler: The Supreme Warrior Super Gogeta
    • Type: Super STR
    • Links with Majin Vegeta with Over in a Flash for +3 Ki
  • Filler: Eternal Horror Legendary Super Saiyan Broly
    • Type: Extreme PHY

Here is how you dominate, rank locally and globally in the new Dokkan Battle World Tournament: Nuke the Field

Dokkan Battle World Tournament, Dokkan Blog, New Dokkan World Tournament, Dokkan Battle Nuking

Nuking the field is when you have a “field” (the ki in which you tap on to attack) that is primarily one type of Ki Sphere. In this case, I am going for TEQ Ki Spheres. With my leader skill giving me 33% ATK per TEQ Ki Sphere, Farewell, Proud Warrior Majin Vegeta with Super Attack level 10 can hit for way above 250k damage.

Sadly, this will not guarantee a KO over every INT character on the enemy team. Which is why, as I mentioned earlier, you should consider bringing a diverse team. But when you are playing on the x20 Ambition level, you will have extreme difficulty defeating any characters without using this strategy.

The three recommended duos for the new Dokkan Battle World Tournament

As you have already learned, the most efficient way to dominate the Dokkan Battle World Tournament is to nuke the field using an Attack All character. That being said, nuking the field with the three attack all characters will not deal the same amount of damage without a complimenting leader.

If you haven’t already attempted the higher ambition levels, which are the major addition the Dokkan’s World Tournament, you will quickly find out that all the Ki in the world will not help you unless you are amplifying your character’s damage with said Ki.

Here are the two recommended duos that will allow you to dominate the new Dokkan Battle World Tournament:

Share your thoughts and comments on our recommendations for dominating the NEW Dokkan Battle World Tournament below!

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