How to get the Dragon Ball on the Stage Plundered Energy in Dokkan Battle (Area 13. Stage 6)

All right, so I will have to start by admitting I spent a lot of stamina running this stage. I figured that either: A) any portal would take me there, or B) one of the question marks on the map would be the solution. Nonetheless,  Plundered Energy in Dokkan Battle stole a lot of my time. But as I promised a while ago, my time and Dragon Stones spent will turn into less time and NO Dragon Stones spent for you.

When you first enter the stage, it should hover over that Dragon Ball – because that’s how Dokkan Battle likes to tease us. If you expand the map or simple look around, you will see how Dokkan Battle has created a bunch of stopping points and portals. I probably went through six different portals before I decided to screen shot every section of the map and track my progress.

What I did was take screen shots from my iPhone 7, and AirDrop them to my iMac. From there, I would circle via the Preview App the portals that I have already gone through. Each time I went through a portal, I circle it, then when I went back into Plundered Energy, I knew which way to not go. It would have been much smarter to do this the first time that I entered the stage and noticed how many portals there were.

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So now that my 230 words of venting are over with, let’s discuss how to get the Dragon Ball on the stage Plundered Energy in Dokkan Battle:

  1. Select a difficulty and enter the stage (Normal, Hard, Z-Hard – It doesn’t matter)
  2. Save a one (the numbers at the bottom of the screen that determine how many spaces you will move), because when you go through the portal and defeat the enemy at the STOP location it will be one space to the Dragon Ball.
  3. Head to the portal circled in the first picture. (Note: you will only enter one portal on this stage.)
  4. Go through the portal.
  5. Use your one space mover.
  6. Collect Dragon Ball.
  7. Defeat Android 19 (STR Type)

Note: Failure to defeat the bosses on this stage will cause you to lose the Dragon Ball.

So there you have it, that is how you get the Dragon Ball in Dokkan Battle on the stage Plundered Energy. Hopefully this makes it easier for you, as it took me quite a while to figure it. Feel free to check out some of the other Dokkan Blog tips and tricks, and Share this post!

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