LR Vegito Blue Has Arrived in Dokkan Battle! Here’s What We Know

LR Vegito is officially available in Dokkan Battle. Currently, not all forms are available to fully awaken Vegito. We will continuously update this page as more information becomes available.

Here is what we know so far, and later in the post you will find the rumors surrounding LR Vegito in Dokkan Battle.

LR Vegito, Vegito Blue, Dokkan Battle

Here you can see the official first form of LR Vegito, confirming many of the rumors. He is in fact STR type, with a leader skill that benefits Super Type characters.

As of December 15th, 2017, Dokkan has released two LR Vegito into the shop, each costing 20 Supreme Kai stones.

LR Vegito, Vegito Blue, Dokkan Battle, passive, leader

LR Vegito has a very interesting passive, one that could evolve into something pretty powerful.

LR characters are known for their Super Attacks being two-tiered based on Ki obtained. This passive for LR Vegito might indicate that mega-colossal damage is going to be a breeze to unleash on your opponents.

While link skills are subject to change as awakenings occur, LR Vegito will benefit from linking with Fused Fighters and will undoubtedly be loaded with Ki with the right team comp.

LR Vegito, Vegito Blue, Dokkan Battle, passive, leader

One of the big questions players had was how to Dokkan Awaken LR Vegito. Sadly, Dokkan has released this unit without the option to awaken just yet.

As of right now, we are told that the awakening medals for LR Vegito Blue are coming in the near future. Previous rumors and leaks stated that he would use the Potara earrings shown in the screen shot above, and that it would require Baba shop points.

Here’s the quick guide on what we know about LR Vegito Blue right now:

  • LR Vegito is a STR unit
  • Vegito Blue’s leader skill will benefit Super Type characters
  • There are currently 2 LR Vegito up for grabs in the shop section
  • The first two LR Vegito cost 20 Supreme Kai stones
  • LR Vegito Blue requires Potara Earrings to Dokkan Awaken, which are not yet available

Comparing what we now know about LR Vegito to previous rumors and leaks

A few months ago, Dokkan Battle held a “Legendary Election”, where players could vote on which character they most wanted to become the next available Legendary Rare. Options were, of course, LR Vegito Blue, Super Saiyan 4 Goku, Beerus, etc.

LR Vegito has since been officially announced, but there has been a decent amount of curiosity and skepticism surrounding our chosen LR. Take a look at the announcement from Dokkan Battle about LR Vegito.

LR Vegito Blue, Dokkan Battle, LR Vegito

The rumor is that LR Vegito will drop in Dokkan Battle on December 14th. Here is the information, including rumors, that we have surrounding LR Vegito in Dokkan Battle so far:

  • LR Vegito is a free unit
  • LR Vegito is said to be released on December 14th, 2017
  • It is said that he will be a STR unit
  • LR Vegito is supposed to be a Super Type leader, with Ki
  • Vegito is speculated to offer Super Type stats, such as Ki, ATK, HP & DEF
  • LR Vegito can be purchased by obtaining Kai stones, or Supreme Kai Stones
  • LR Vegito’s awakening medals are said to be purchasable from the Baba shop

LR Vegito Blue, Dokkan Battle, LR Vegito

While many are simply guessing at what details are going to be around LR Vegito, this image may very well be a decent leak to go off of. LR Vegito may offer around 70% HP, ATK & DEF with Ki +2 in his LR form.

How many Kai stones will it take to Dokkan Awaken LR Vegito?

As of right now, it’s hard to say how many Supreme Kai Stones earned from the new missions it will take to obtain LR Vegito. One thing is for sure, it would have been nice to have known about this prior to purchasing characters and items such as Elder Kai.

One can only imagine, however, that LR Vegito will be pretty expensive, as he is a free unit (meaning it will not require Dragon Stones to obtain him).

How many Baba points will it cost to obtain the Dokkan Awakening medals for LR Vegito?

This is another one that is too close to call. As of right now, we will have to wait and see. As with the Supreme Kai Stones, it is probably best to save up your Baba points for a while.

Think back to LR Hercule and the Awakening Medals required to Dokkan Awaken him. It costs so much Zenni that it was just about impossible to have enough to Dokkan Awaken him right away (not to mention there was a time restraint on how many you could purchase in a day).

LR Vegito Blue Skepticism and Concerns

The major primary concern right now in Dokkan Battle, in regards to LR Vegito, is that he may not actually Dokkan Awaken into his Super Saiyan Blue State. This would most definitely be an extreme disappointment for all players.

LR Vegito Blue could very well be a unit similar to the LR Androids. What I mean by this is that LR Vegito could be a free unit that simply disappoints. Mediocre leader skill, poor link skills, and even disappointing damage output are all issues that players are concerned with.

While it’s incredible that Bandai offers up free characters, we all know them as a company that wants our money. Poor summon rates, and horrible cost per Dragon Stone make many of us skeptical that LR Vegito Blue could be the biggest disappoint ever to occur in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.

So far, none of the freely obtainable LR Units can compare to the Dragon Stone summonable units, such as LR Broly, LR Gohan, LR Majin Vegeta, etc.

LR Vegito, Dokkan battle

What do we hope for with LR Vegito Blue?

First of all, Dokkan Battle players seem to be on the same page when it comes to LR Vegito. We hope that he, first of all, becomes Vegito Blue. We also hope that even though LR Vegito will be a free unit, he will be able to dish out the type of damage that the Dragon Stone LR units are capable of.

Dokkan Battle players alike don’t mind putting in the work, if the end result is worth it. With LR Vegito Blue, any Dokkan Battle player will put the time into the game to work on this unit.

Not only is Vegito Blue an extremely popular character in the series, but players most certainly hope that as an LR unit he is considerably stronger than other units out there. That is the whole reason they call them LR, right?

However, it’s always hard to say with Dokkan Battle. For all we know, LR Vegito could be released as a very sub-par unit that was simply put together by Bandai to make the fans feel as though they are listening and caring.

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