Mod Application Megathread!

Hey all! Just wanted to first say I am alive and very sorry for my absence in the subreddit although I’m very proud of our members who stepped up and kept the conversations going! I’m still super busy and have my plate full through November and early December but I wanted to make sure to get to having applications submitted for those who wish to become a moderator.

Please comment below with a description of

-Why you would be a good Mod for this subreddit

-Any mod experience or equivalent experiences

-What you would bring to the table that past moderators have not

-What you think is the biggest issue/problem that you would like to change in this subreddit.

Please also describe how you would address the following issue:

  1. A user has been posting events for their local game store. This user hasn’t had prior infractions.

  2. A user has posted their collection for sale. This is the second time doing so in the month after being issued a warning message and their last thread being taken down.

  3. A user has been posting links to videos that are dbs ccg related. After viewing their post history in the subreddit you notice they only create threads with links to videos and contribute minimally outside of their own threads on the videos.

Best of luck everyone this will be open until all positions are filled looking to make decisions within he next 2-3 weeks!

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