What is Super Gogeta’s super attack asset number and SSB aura asset number?

I am trying to make SSB Gogeta seeing youtube and twitter posts about him in dokkan so i am unable to find Super Gogeta's super attackasset number number in the game's assets from game folder com.bandainamco.dbzdokkanww>files>ingame>battle>character then there's too many number 00653.cpk, 00654.cpk!!! I already have them extracted to my pc(thanks to nox app player) and edited assets of gogeta blue(not for the super attack, only card art, effect and background)!! SO what's the super gogeta super attack asset number and aura of ssb asset number(i'll just replace that with ssj aura ya know asset id's 0056.cpk you get it so yeah plz)!!!!! WHOOPS EXTRA: WHAT IS THE SSJ ASSET NUMBER TOO!?!!? HOW WILL I REPLCE THAT WITH SSB IF I DON'T EVEN KNOW IT!!!?!!?!!?! HELP PLEASE!!!!! LINK TO MY…
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