Possibility for God cards in the future?

With Goku and Beerus releasing, they both have the same unique ability ("Realm of Gods") that nullifies 2 abnormal conditions/attribute downgrades. Do you guys think they'll end up putting this on every character from here on out that has God ki, or will it just be a SSJG/Beerus thing? submitted by /u/si1entki11a24 [link] [comments] Source: Reddit Dragon Ball Legends
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I am doing something wrong or want to do things too fast? (dokkan awakening problem)

I started to play this recently and have been using team with quiet good synergy: https://imgur.com/a/ZZN8a3K My problem is that while I managed to awaken blue ssj3 goku and green ssj3 vegeta, i can't do anything against awaken battles for rest of this team with exception of broly which i can luckly do sometimes. I do know how rotations works, I also do pick secondary leader( from guest or friend) that have good leader and color for given stage, I also unlocked their hidden potential maximally without dupes. Am i doing something wrong or those events are tuned towards people that already have other units that I don't have or am i missing something? submitted by /u/Awaltir [link] [comments] Source: Reddit
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