AGL vs. STR Rose

Hey guys, back again for some more damage calculations. I was scrolling on the updated STR Rose page and saw people debating about how a 100% AGL Rose does against STR Rose, so of course I did some actual damage calculations. Here is how a 100% AGL Rose linked with Fusion Zamasu on Potara does vs STR Rose in the same situation with free potential, one dupe and two dupes. Rainbowed Rose Stained Stained Super Saiyan Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé) Links Considered Active; Big Bad Bosses; considered active 80% of the time Nightmare; considered active 100% of the time Fierce Battle; considered active 100% of the time Calculation: 15100 (enhanced base ATK) x 4.4 (LR Vegito’s leader skills) = 66440 66440 x 2 (passive skill) = 132880 132880 x…
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