Quantifying Complex Passives and Converting them into Simpler Terms: #2

Reddit Dokkan Battle
Introduction A while ago, I wrote this post, which broke down several of the complex mechanics in the game and converted them into an approximate percentage-based passive. The response back then was quite positive, so I decided to do another another one. In this post, I'll be breaking down and converting the complex passives of some of the game's most powerful gasha LRs. Specifically, I'll be breaking down the passives of the following units: LR LSSj Broly LR SSj Future Trunks LR SSj2 Gohan LR Goten and Trunks Note: The calculations in this post are designed to convert complex passives into the "+ X% ATK" passives that they roughly approximate. This process is designed just to give a general idea how these passives stack up to more standard passives, and…
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