If there ever was to be a "rebalance patch" that tweaked certain links, as well as certain cards and their links and passives, which would you love most be balanced? (especially TURs)

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my picks: cards: str broly. get better links like "fear and faith" and "prepared for battle" and "nightmare", as well as removing the "reduce defence to 0 when attacking" part of the passive, and changing the flat boost to "attack up 70% when attacking" phy kid buu: leader skill: all allies atk and def +50%, passive: atk and def for allies 50% up when hp 30% or above. at least +300 boost in atk. nobody is gonna pull for him otherwise. phy majin buu: give him supreme damage and a secondary atk boost passive... and at least +500 atk. also replace "master of magic" with "nightmare". way more useful. no idea why nightmare was replaced. tur shattering the limit teq ssj vegeta: give him at least 800+ atk. change his…
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