Pvp has become so shi# bandai!!

Wtf happened to this game?.. Before sidestep got nerfed,I felt like literally any team could be meta. But If you don't have broly are any of the new characters, you're at huge disadvantage…Hell if you don't have characters a 5 stars you're missing out even more…PvP is starting to feel like a chore if any thing Just to get to top 10k…Please add more gameplay elements that don't rely on character's like broly…Nothing against broly he is the simply the best character in the game. But I just want more in game Battle mechanics to be added to add more depth to the combat…Because personally everything about this game is tied to luck..There is a good amount of skill needed in the game which is why I feel like its personally the best gacha Mobile fighting PvP game..But with that said..I feel like there going backwards..They've taken away more from the combat then added…What happen to the block we had at game release? We're is the tech? Are the people who ruined the game would say…We're are the exploits..broly can increase card draw speed meaning he can sidestep combo mad long doing 4-7 attacks in a row. Being able to block a bit of damage during this, albeit having to be perfectly timed would make combat feel more like a fighting game..Ikno a block system is hella difficult to make and balance on this game considering spam and other shenanigans.. But make the game more fun!!!!

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