QoL Idea: Daily Senzu Bean (1 free stamina refill every 24 hours)

Many of you; like me are enjoyin half-stam events on both servers now which are a very nice change of pace. We have more time to play the game in a stamina bar now; but what happens when you are out of stamina and don't have/want to use/want to buy a dragon stone to keep playing; not for an all day-marathon but for just an extra hour or so before you go to bed.

What if once a day; starting from the 17:00 PST reset, after depleting your stamina bar and before being prompted to use a dragon stone, Korin pops up with a senzu bean; offering to help you get back into the fight?? Once used, further stam refills would need to be done with stones or leveling up while a timer would count down from 24 hours at use until the next day(or reset whichever is sooner)

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