Question about resolution of these 2 specific cards

(3G) Piccolo, Cunning StrategistAuto-Burst3 When you play this card from your hand, choose up to 1 《Namekian》 or 《Universe 7》 card from your hand with an original energy cost of 4 or less, negate its skills for the duration of the turn and play it.

(3GG) Energy Guard Android 17BlockerAuto – At the end of your turn, switch this card to Active Mode.

Ruling states that if two autos resolve at the same time, it is your choice of which one resolves first. Am I correct in thinking that if you play 17 with Piccolo's ability, you are able to switch it to active mode if you choose to resolve Piccolo's ability first?

Edit: I guess to simplify my question, does "duration of the turn" mean beyond the "end of your turn" auto step?

Second Edit: Solved! Thanks to u/jooooooel for the research. I'm excited for this card to come out!

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