Stunning and Sealing – Which to use, and when to use them

As your character list grows in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, you will eventually acquire characters that can “stun” your opponent, and some that can “seal” their super attack. Both of these utilities will prove to be more than beneficial; they will be necessity. What I mean by that is that you will most likely need characters that provide this utility in some of the battles that you come across.

I personally like to reference back to one particular battle over and over, as a reference point. In this case, I will be referencing back to the post about farming for Gems. The reason for this is because this is a battle you will (or should) repeat quite often.

As mentioned in that same post, that is currently the number one place to hunt down Emperor Pilaf and collect treasure.

That battle is against an INT type enemy, Captain Ginyu. You may already know this. But here is where we must take into consideration the massive benefits of stunning and sealing.

Captain Ginyu on Z-Hard is quite the heavy hitter, and quite the tank. He can take and dish out tons of damage.

So how do you combat this?

The solution is not always simple. Ideally, in this particular situation, you will need to bring a team that is balanced, or run a team of all PHY characters. But more importantly, you need to decide which utility is going to help you best in each battle.

In this battle, it is quite difficult to put together a full PHY team that will be able to generate enough Ki to do enough damage to take out Captain Ginyu before he takes you out.

Here’s what I suggest: Grab yourself a team consisting primarily of PHY-Type characters (to combat the INT-type), but make sure to bring a couple other types to generate the extra damage.

dokkan battle stun, dokkan battle seal

As you should already know, the odds of having enough PHY orbs to keep launching supers is not going to weigh in your favor. But if you have a decent mix, say 4 PHY and 3 other types (including your Friend), you should be able to keep the damage coming.

But how do you keep him from destroying you? Even your PHY characters will receive heavy damage (typically somewhere between 7k-15k for normal attacks and up to 35k with a super against PHY-type characters). Re-read those numbers a few times, they are estimates from having fought him about 200 times.

You do NOT want to take a super from him with a non-PHY character. With stunning and sealing, this shouldn’t be an issue. And, of course, our goal is always to minimize the use of items.

Let us use a primary example, “Fist of Conviction” Super Saiyan Bardock. His Super Attack “Spirit of Saiyans” not only looks quite awesome and does decent damage, but it seals the opponents Super attack.

In case I did not make this clear enough, sealing a super attack simply means that the opponent can not use their super attack.

Not often mentioned is the duration of a seal, but I believe it is a set length of two turns maximum.

Who else can seal Super Attacks?

There isn’t a huge list of characters with this utility, but there are enough that should allow for most players to have at least one character with this unique trait.

Keep in mind, sealing a super attack requires a super attack be launched by you. Basically, your characters Super attack is set to seal your opponents Super attack. Make sense? Good.

Here are a few characters that can seal your opponents Super attack:

  • “Fist of Conviction” Super Saiyan Bardock
  • “The Strongest Majin” Majin Buu (Gitenks Absorbed)
  • “Martial Artists Belief” Mutation
  • “Stimulating Beauty” Bulma (Bunny)

This is just a few that I could think of. I believe all for the summon able SSR to UR Super Saiyan Bardock characters share this utility, and I know that there are more that I did not mention.

Now, onto stunning your opponent

dokkan battle stun, dokkan battle seal


Stunning your opponent is tricky. Unlike sealing, it is a chance and not a guarantee. This means that when you launch a super attack meant to stun the enemy, you may not stun them.

Therefore you must be prepared for if your super attack does not stun your opponent. That being said, there is a huge benefit to opting to try and stun lock your opponent.

The ratio of characters that stun versus those that seal is massive. It could very well be 12 to 1 or greater. This means that you easily have 12 characters that can stun for every 1 character that you have that can seal. The key is looking for balance. Some characters have a rare chance, and have a high chance to stun. “Full Power Desperation” Demon King Piccolo (pictured above) is an example of a character who has a super attack that “may stun the enemy”.

Now while the stunning concept is a bit more of a gamble, high risk may return high reward. Take a Dokkan Z-Hard stage, such as the “Evil Emporer of the Universe” where PHY Frieza would destroy you after so many turns. If you have attempted it, you know that you would be lucky enough to make it to that final turn without being eliminated long before that.

Stunning and sealing both played a huge role for me in this event, but I found that stunning was a bit more beneficial because I needed to be able to manipulate my team’s use of Ki without worrying so much about being attacked. Not to mention he had the ability to lock your character in place, preventing you from changing the order of your teams attackers. Sucks, right?

Well the bright side is that you can return the favor by stun locking him, some times over and over until you get your way. And this is something that can be used all across the board in Dokkan Battle, not just this event.

The rule of thumb with sealing and stunning

dokkan battle stun, dokkan battle seal

At this point, you must create a general rule when it comes to your team composition in Dokkan Battle. In the case of stunning and sealing, I will suggest that you follow this rule of thumb. IF you are fighting against an opponent who attacks once per turn, your should be able to prepare your blocks better. This means that you may wish to focus on sealing their super, and doing tons of damage while minimizing theirs.

On the other hand, if you are fighting an opponent who will attack you multiple times per turn, such as many of the Dokkan Event Z-Hard bosses, you may want to focus on stunning that opponent. It is almost impossible, regardless of team composition, to continually take shots 2 and 3 times per turn without dying. Even with items, some times you will take so much damage in that one turn that you will be defeated before you can get going.

Side note: Ghost Usher delays the opponents attack(s) for 1 turn. Delaying means that it will still happen. but will take one more turn to happen. So if your opponent is prepared to launch a super attack at you, and you use Ghost Usher, you better believe he’s hanging onto that Super Attack for the next turn!

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