Subreddit Halloween Event Announcement

Welcome to our Halloween Celebration at /r/DragonballLegends!

What is this whole thing?

In the spirit of the holiday, we’ve decided to host a series of challenges for you wonderful people to compete against each other with. Each week until Halloween, a challenge will be posted. Points will be awarded to the top 3 finishers with special flair rewards being given out once the celebration is over. Submissions for each challenge will go in a special megathread which will be posted with the corresponding challenge and will only be accepted if submitted there.

When’s the first challenge?

We’re planning on starting the first challenge on Monday 10/8, and having it run until Sunday 10/14. The second challenge will begin the following Monday and the third will begin the Monday after that. The whole thing will end on Sunday 10/28 to give us time to count points and announce the winners on Halloween.

Is there any other way to score points besides doing the challenges?

Nope, at least this time there isn’t. We want to keep this somewhat controlled as we gauge participation and figure out how to make things like this more fun for the community. So for now, just sit tight and get ready!

Good luck everyone and stay tuned Monday for our first challenge.

Special thanks to the mods over at /r/DBZDokkanBattle for inspiring the idea.

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