Testing Results: How LR Frieza and Goku’s Passive Stacks, and How it Interacts with Their SA Debuff


Hello everybody!

I know that the units aren't out yet, but the fact that they're in the game's files means that people who know what they're doing can test them.

I'm not one of those people, but luckily /u/Zehal is and he was kind enough to test them for me in different scenarios. He reported the numbers back to me, and after some quick math I figured out exactly how LR Frieza and Goku work.

How Their Buffs Stack

As most of you already know, LR Frieza and Goku have three possible buffs that they can get from their passive. Those buffs are:

  • ATK and DEF +77%

    • Condition: When you attack
    • Note: This is different from what the leaks said. The leaks stated the first buff was at the start of turn.
  • ATK +77%

    • Condition: When 18+ Ki SA is launched
  • ATK +77%

    • Condition: When attacking an enemy whose ATK has been lowered

The big question since they were leaked is how their buffs stack. Testing has shown that each buff is calculated in the same phase. That means that every single buff added together before multiplying against their ATK.

To translate that explanation into an easy number:

  • With 1 buff active:
    • +77% ATK and +77% DEF
  • With 2 buffs active:
    • +154% ATK and +77% DEF
  • With 3 buffs active:
    • +231% ATK and +77% DEF

While those buffs are excellent, they're below what they were estimated to be. The reason for that is the leaks were incorrect.

The leaks stated that the first buff was activated at the start of turn. That would mean that at least one of the buffs would multiply against the other two, and the resulting minimum buff with all three active would be +350% ATK and +77% DEF.

How Their SA Debuff Interacts With Their Passive

The other big question surrounding LR Frieza and Goku is whether they would be able to activate their third buff (the one that activates when they attack an enemy whose ATK has been debuffed) on the first turn of combat with their own super, which debuffs enemy ATK.

Unfortunately, they cannot. Their third buff won't activate unless the enemy was debuffed prior to them attacking.

Thus, on the first turn of a given phase of combat, they have to rely on another unit lowering the enemy's ATK before they attack in order for their third buff to activate.

That means that most of the time they'll only have two of their buffs active.


LR Frieza and Goku ended up with their worst-case scenario. None of their buffs multiply together, and they can't activate their third buff with their own SA on the first turn of a phase.

That being said, they're still an excellent unit. It'll be a few days before I have enough time to figure out their exact average buff amount so that I can calculate their ATK, but I'm confident in saying that they're going to be one of the hardest hitting units in the game.

I hope you all enjoyed this post.

If you have any questions or notice any errors, please let me know.

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