The Case for Turles and why you should summon:

🛑 TL:DR at the bottom 🛑

• Lackluster Banner

Let’s preface this out of the gate. Is his banner good? Yes, and no.

Frankly, you can’t come out with a banner and feature PHY Broly and TEQ Beerus any more. They just won’t output the damage newer units can. However, you have to realize that they’re necessary as they’re on his Category. Not only that, but they’re solid options for said category it regardless of how you view them.

• He’s a monumentally strong support

An unconditional Ki +3 and Attack +40% passive is MASSIVE. Take it from a someone that skipped him on JP, I fully regret the decision looking back. It’s been 5 months since his banner and, though we aren’t at Goku black levels just yet, it is getting close to half a year with return in sight.

• Saving for Vegeta

Yes, it’s true that the Vegeta that follows him in roughly a month or two is a fantastic card with a fantastic category, no doubt. And while I’m not trying to sway you from summoning there, I’m only trying to implore everyone to look closer at his benefits as a unit.

•He’s never returned after his initial release

We aren’t quite at Goku Black levels yet, but it’s been nearly 6 months since his release with no sign of return. Keep this in mind for his prominence on his own category and Pure Saiyans which so many people are holding out for.

🛑 TL:DR – Turles’ banner maybe be lackluster, but his fantastic support passive is nothing to sneeze at, especially when he himself isn’t a common banner unit.

Long live the OG Goku Black

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