SSJ3 Vegeta Dokkan Event – The Most Powerful Blow – A Comprehensive Walkthrough (With Video)

The latest Dokkan Festival is upon us. We have a new SSJ3 Vegeta (STR), and we can Dokkan awaken both he and the existing Tech SSJ3 Vegeta! All it takes to do this is, well, to survive a vicious Dokkan event! The event is called “Power at the Pinnacle” and you can not only obtain a new Vegeta character, but you can obtain Dokkan Awakening Medals specifically for SSJ3 Vegeta.

What you must do is defeat two forms of Vegeta on the stage “The Most Powerful Blow”, and to be honest, it can be as easy as it can be difficult. The first time through this event I was so close to defeating him without a continue that I used a Dragon Stone, just to get that first awakening medal. But then I realized something.

Like many Dokkan events in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, this event has multiple bosses. In this case, Vegeta starts out as the Tech SSJ3 version of himself, with one full health bar. Once defeated, he transforms into the STR SSJ3 version. Check out the video, and read on when you’re ready:

This is a bit challenging because both forms hit for an immense amount of damage, even when a Super Attack is not being used. So you must think intelligently to 1) get past the first fight, and 2) be prepared for the second fight. Once he transforms into his Strength form, he has 3 full health bars, and you only get 18 total attacks to defeat him, or he lands a finishing blow that ends the game.

That’s right, if after 18 attacks you do not defeat Vegeta, you must start over. Good luck, since it costs 40 Stamina each time you select the stage. But that’s why you are here, to learn how to defeat the stage, and not have to use even one Dragon Stone! So let’s get to it:

Step 1: Build a team that can kill 2 birds with 1 stone

dokkan battle

As mentioned earlier, the final form that you must defeat is a Super Strength SSJ3 Vegeta. For the obvious reason, I chose to use my Dokkan Awakened SSJ3 Agility Goku. Along with him I brought a team consisting of mostly AGI type, and linked them however possible. I have plenty more powerful AGI characters, but I needed ones that had some utility as well as some nuking potential.

Along with the AGI characters are the UR INT Vegeta and UR INT Vegito. These two are a huge help with damaging and blocking the first form, which is of Super Tech type. It typically takes at least two rounds to defeat the first form of Vegeta, and I actually use 2 out of my 8 items on that first round. He often lands a Super, and being type Tech makes it very difficult to bring just AGI type characters, for the obvious reasons.

The key to defeating the first form, as you will see in the video, is make sure you can set up the blocks appropriately and that your non-AGI characters can launch Super Attacks. Note: I have summoned a while back the AGI Golden Frieza, whose passive allows him to block 80% of incoming damage so long as your HP is greater than 50%. Without this character it can still be done, but may be a little more tricky. If I did not have him, I would probably fill that slot with another high damage INT or AGI character.

As always, your leader is highly important

As shown above, my leader here grants AGI Type +3 Ki, Attack +3000. This means that non-AGI characters do not benefit at all from this leader skill. But the big battle is where the AGI characters are going to be launching Supers and doing the damage. Plus, once he transforms is when you only have 18 attacks to defeat him. This is why I chose this leader. Note 2: If I had the chance to Dokkan Awaken my Super Gogeta, that would have been my choice for Leader.

I ran out of time to Dokkan Awaken my Super Gogeta, which would grant All Type Ki +3, Attack +3000. Now, if I did not have the Dokkan Awakened AGI SSJ3 Goku, I would probably use Super Gogeta, as he grants All Types Ki +2, Attack 2500. Without him, I would most likely choose a character that grants any amount of Ki.

Choose your friends wisely

dokkan battle super gogeta

Notice where this Super Gogeta’s “Super Attack” states Max. This, to me, is extremely important. I mention in the video that I searched through a list that had about 4 or 5 Gogetas for the highest level Super Attack. I highly recommend you do the same. If you have the option on your friends list for more than one of a character that you want to bring, press and hold over the portrait and look at the level of the Super Attack.

If you can, get someone who has maxed out their Super Attack. Remember, you only get 18 attacks to defeat Vegeta. This Super Attack being maxed could equal up to a 100,000 difference in damage. Crazy, right? It’s true and it helps a LOT. That being said, if you can only find someone with 1/10 Super Attack, it is still better than choosing a useless Friend.

Remember that your Friend’s Leader Skill applies to your team. So taking along a Dokkan Awakened Super Gogeta will also grant All Types Ki +3 and All Types Attack +3000. This is very useful.

Ki is Key

Remember that when you are taking on this second stage of Vegeta, you need to be launching a Super Attack just about every Attack. Depending on the characters you take, you may be able to get away with around 10-12 of the attacks being Super Attacks, but there is almost no way that you will defeat SSJ3 Vegeta without landing the majority of your attacks as Super Attacks.

But if you take the appropriate leaders, like the ones that I have mentioned, each character (in my case each AGI character) will have a base key of 6! It takes about 12 Ki to launch a Super Attack, and orbs of the characters type count as 2.

So if you play your cards correctly (literally), between leader skills and link skills, you will probably have a harder time not landing a Super Attack from each character. But one thing to remember is that you will probably have a turn or two where only 1 or 2 of the characters attacking will be able to max their Ki meter.

So make sure that you allow for the most powerful characters to get the right amount of Ki, doing whatever it takes. In the video above, there is a turn where I needed to Ghost Usher (which delays the enemy attack 1 turn) so that I could position my Super Gogeta friend to land a super and not have to take damage from the Boss.

Bring the most appropriate items for battle

dokkan battle support items

There are some items that are simply must-haves for every fight. For example, we are able to purchase Senzu Beans daily, which recover our HP and remove any negative status effects. For that reason, I see no reason to not bring Senzu Bean as one of your items. Ghost Usher is one of the most powerful items in the game, and in this case is another must-have in my opinion.

Each time during the second part of the battle, STR SSJ3 Vegeta attacks three different times. So if you need to put a non-AGI character in front of him in order to launch a Super Attack, you may want to use this opportunity to Ghost Usher. This will grant you an entire turn of manipulating your line-up to do the most damage without having to worry about taking damage.

Here’s a quick description of these items:

  • Senzu Bean – Recover all HP and remove all allies’ status effects
  • Dende – Recover all HP and remove all allies’ status effects
  • Ghost Usher – Delay all opponent attacks for 1 turn
  • King Yemma – Reduce Damage received by 50% for 1 turn

Do not be ashamed to use Dragon Stones to Continue

Hey, it happens. Some times it is out of our control, we take a hit after running out of Support Items. Plus, you need 10 of these medals that he drops to awaken the STR UR SSJ3 Vegeta and the TECH UR SSJ3 Vegeta. Not to mention the fact that it costs 40 Stamina each time you run this stage. So if it takes a continue to get that medal, go for it!

But if you follow this guide and have the appropriate characters and play it right, you should not have to use a single stone to continue! I admitted that I used a stone my first try, but I wanted to see exactly what it would take to beat this stage without having to use any more continues, so that I could pass along the knowledge to you.

If you have any questions, or need more advice or help, please contact me. You can either: leave a comment on this post, email me at, or get connected on the Facebook Page.

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