The Top 10 Hitters of Dokkan Battle: LR Goku and Frieza Update


Hello everybody!

A lot of people have been requesting that I update the Top 10 Hitters List, and I'm happy to say that an update is finally here!

This update is in the same visual format as the previous update, and instructions for how to easily view it are located just below this section.

The one change to the previous format is each unit's slide now shows what team that unit is considered to be on for their calculation.

I know a lot of people will be asking me what the U7 Representatives and Full Power APTimal lineups will be, so I'm just going to list them here along with my reasoning for why I chose what I did.

U7 Representatives


  • I initially hesitated to have Tien as the first unit on one of the U7 Representatives’ rotations, but the APTimal team has just over 360k HP, so they can handle having a unit in the main rotation that isn’t a tank. Modern bosses simply lack enough DPT to kill the team in a single turn.

  • Toppo (God of Destruction) was chosen as the team's second support unit instead of SSj2 Kale because he provides LR Goku and Frieza with the same amount of ki and has a larger +35% ATK and DEF support buff.

  • Interestingly, you can further increase the team's average ATK by replacing UI Goku with one of several support units. However, if you do that the team's HP and overall defensive utility becomes too low for me to consider it to have enough survivability to easily beat all dokkan fest fights. As that's the minimum defensive requirement to be considered an APTimal team, such lineups aren't considered and UI Goku makes the cut.

Full Power


  • This team is fairly straightforward now that LR Goku and Frieza are here. They take up one rotation and the combo of LR LSSj Broly and LR SSj2 Gohan take up the other.

  • Tien is also fine being a floater on this team due to the fact that, unlike the U7 Representatives team, there aren't any units present who don't benefit from the leader skill at all, so there aren't any more major gaps in the team's overall defensive utility. Just like with the U7 team, the current bosses lack the DPT to kill this team in one turn, even a boss directed avery attack at Tien.

  • The combo of LR Bojack and TUR Bojack doesn't make the cut because it doesn't generate as much ATK as either of the rotations shown above, and neither of those units have ki linking synergy with Full Power SSj4 Goku, which will cause him to miss supers and significantly reduce the team's average ATK per turn.

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The Rule Book

General Rules

  • All units will be considered at their max level and their max SA level.

  • The list will now use the average type modifier when doing calculations.

    • This modifier, as its name suggests, is the average of all possible type modifiers for any given unit vs. enemies of all types and affinities.
    • The purpose for using the average type modifier is so that units with the free dupe buff ability "+5 Critical Hit Chance" can be compared fairly to units with other abilities.
    • The value of the average type modifier is 1.015x.
  • Units with variable ATK are considered for the list.

    • For units with RNG-based ATK, the best estimation of their average ATK will be provided.
    • For units with increasing ATK values, the unit's ATK values on its first five turns will be averaged together.
    • Note: A unit's first five turns are equivalent to the first 10-11 turns of combat, which is as long the longest and most recent dokkan fest fights last with the average APTimal team at the free dupe level. Teams with dupes would clear events faster and that could cause build-up units to drop in the rankings.
  • In order to be considered, a unit must have at least 8 ki on 1/2 of its turns after links and passives are taken into account.

    • This rule does not apply to units that super with less than 12 ki.

Team Rules

  • Each unit will have its calculations done on the team where it hits the hardest.

    • Only leader skills that provide at least +3 ki will be considered.
  • Each team will no longer have standard links.

    • Instead, each unit will be analyzed individually to see which links they have active on the optimal team and what percentage of time those links will be active.
    • BBB's uptime when linked will be considered to be 80%.
  • Each team is considered to have its "optimal" lineup.

    • In this context of this post, the term "optimal" is defined as: the hardest hitting lineup available to the team in question that also has enough defensive utility to comfortably complete all existing dokkan fest events.

Nuker Rules

  • Each nuker will be individually assessed when determining how many ki orbs they gather.

    • The standard amount will be 6.5 orbs if there are no unique circumstances created by the unit itself (such as SSj Future Trunks' orb changing passive).

LR Rules

  • The amount of ki each LR receives will be individually determined.

  • The factors for that determination will be 1) the LR's ki links; 2) the other units' ki links on the LR's optimal team; and 3) any other factors that would affect the LR's amount of ki on its optimal team

Dupe System Rules

  • All gasha units will be considered to have the free dupe system buffs.

    • That includes 1) +2,000 base ATK; 2) +6 SA damage ability; and 3) +5 of each unit's free dupe system ability
  • The +5 of each unit's "free dupe system ability" means:

    • +5 Additional Attack Chance for AGL and PHY units
    • +5 Critical Hit Chance for STR and TEQ units
    • + 5 Dodge for INT units (this won't be reflected in the list because it doesn't affect a unit's ATK calculations)
  • All non-gasha units will be considered to have the maximum potential buffs available to them.

The List's Format

  • The list will now contain two sections:

    • The first section will be the traditional Top 10 Hitters list, but only dokkan fest units, TURs, and F2P LRs will be eligible.
    • The second section will show the top 5 hardest hitting non-dokkan fest gasha LRs.
    • Each section will be contained in its own picture.
  • Each unit's entry on the list will include a personalized links section and notes section.

    • The links section will state which links will be considered active and what percentage of the time they will be considered active.
    • The notes section will explain the reasoning behind the various decisions made for each unit's calculations. That may include explanations for why certain links where chosen, why a certain amount of ki was chosen for an LR, etc.

The Top 10 Hardest Hitting Dokkan Fest Units, TURs, and F2P LRs

The List

The Top 5 Hardest Hitting Non-Dokkan Fest Gasha LRs

The List


Main List

Non-Dokkan Fest LR List

I hope you all enjoyed the list.

If you notice any errors or believe units that are missing should be present, please let me know.

And please note that I cannot edit the image after posting it. As such, any errors that are found in the image will only be corrected in the next update.

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