The Top 10 Tanks of Dokkan Battle


Hello everybody!

I'm happy to bring you the inaugural Top 10 Tanks of Dokkan Battle!

Instead of focusing on dealing damage like my Top 10 Hitters list, this list is all about reducing incoming damage. As the name implies, this list looks at the best tanks in Dokkan Battle.

To be clear, I'm defining a tank as a unit that reduces damage when attacks are aimed at that unit. Mechanics that reduce the amount of damage taken by other units, such as a DEF buff to all allies, are not considered. This list only looks at the ability of a given unit to reduce damage that is aimed at itself.

This is also not a list of overall defensive utility. Healing, stunning, etc. are very useful forms of defensive utility, but they are not what this list is looking at. This list is purely sticking to comparing units' abilities to tank in the traditional sense of the term.

There are three primary mechanics that the units on this list use to reduce incoming damage:

  1. A high DEF stat
  2. Percentage-based damage reduction
  3. Dodge chance

For now, the list only shows the top 10 TUR tanks in the game.

In future updates to this series, I will create a separate list to show the top LR tanks in the game, similar to how I handle the Top 10 Hitters list.

Testing Methodology

In order to determine how well a unit can tank in a wide variety of situations, I created a hypothetical scenario where each unit would have to endure 100 attacks being launched at it.

The units were then ranked based on the amount of damage that they took out of the possible maximum amount. The less damage a unit ends up taking, the higher they rank on the list.

Testing has shown that 85% of attacks launched by dokkan fest bosses are normal attacks and 15% or super attacks. Accordingly, for my test of 100 attacks, 15 of them are super attacks and 85 of them are normal attacks.

In order to best simulate in-game conditions, my hypothetical scenario is structured like a dokkan fest boss fight with multiple phases. The normal attacks have the following ATK values in the various phases:

  • 1st phase

    • 40,000 ATK
  • 2nd phase

    • 50,000 ATK
  • 3rd phase

    • 60,000 ATK
  • 4th phase

    • 70,000 ATK
  • 5th phase

    • 80,000 ATK

Each phase is given the same amount of weight, meaning a unit must endure 17 attacks from each individual phase, for a total of 85 normal attacks across all phases.

The 15 super attacks that will be launched against each unit all have an ATK value of 140,000.

The specific ATK values of the various normal and super attacks were chosen because they are closely analogous to the ATK values of the attacks of modern dokkan fest bosses.

Altogether, the combined ATK value of all 100 attacks is 7,200,000 ATK.

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The Rule Book

General Rules

  • All units will be considered to be at the free dupe level.

  • All 100 attacks are assumed to be of neutral type and affinity.

Team Rules

  • Each unit will have its calculations done on the team where it tanks the best.

    • Only leader skills that provide at least +3 ki will be considered.
    • Each unit is analyzed individually to see which links they have active on the optimal team and what percentage of time those links will be active.
    • BBB's uptime when linked will be considered to be 80%.
  • Each team is considered to have its "APTimal" lineup.

    • In this context of this post, the term "APTimal" is defined as: the hardest hitting lineup available to the team in question that also has enough defensive utility to comfortably complete all existing dokkan fest events.

Nuker Rules

  • Each nuker will be individually assessed when determining how many ki orbs they gather.

    • The standard amount will be 6.5 orbs if there are no unique circumstances created by the unit itself (such as SSj Future Trunks' orb changing passive).

Dupe System Rules

  • All gasha units will be considered to have the free dupe system buffs.

    • That includes 1) +2,000 base ATK; 2) +6 SA damage ability; and 3) +5 of each unit's free dupe system ability
  • The +5 of each unit's "free dupe system ability" means:

    • +5 Additional Attack Chance for AGL and PHY units
    • +5 Critical Hit Chance for STR and TEQ units
    • + 5 Dodge for INT units
  • All non-gasha units will be considered to have the maximum potential buffs available to them.

The Top 10 TUR Tanks

The List

I hope you all enjoyed the list.

If you notice any errors or believe units that are missing should be present, please let me know.

And please note that I cannot edit the image after posting it. As such, any errors that are found in the image will only be corrected in the next update.

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