The Top 5 Support Items in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Support Items, of course, can be brought along side you and taken into battle. There are many different items, and each has its own ability. From the healing to the ki giving, we are counting down on the most useful and important items in the game. Keep in mind that Support Items are specific to those that can be used to aid you in battle, and are not to be confused with Training Items, etc.

5. Orb Manipulators


Orb manipulators are used to change the colors of the orbs on the field, allowing you to get the ki you need, and to nuke (nuking will be explained more in depth in a later post). There are currently 5 items that can manipulate orbs, one for each type (Blue, Red, Green, Purple, and Orange). The two characters that coordinate these changes are Oolong and Puar.

One of the most important uses of Orb manipulating items is during the World Tournament. One of the greatest tricks around is bringing an Attack All character, such as the Dokkan Awakened versions of LSS Broly (STR) and Majin Vegeta(Tech). Both of these characters, when at full Ki, launch a Super Attack that hits character on the enemy team.

As you probably already know, the World Tournament is long enough as it is, so ending the rounds as fast as possible is extremely beneficial.

Below are the descriptions of the Items:

Blue: change red orbs to blue

Red: change orange to red

Orange: change red to orange

Purple: change orange to purple

Green: change purple to green

4. Items that give your characters Ki

dokkan battle best items

In order to win battles, you need to perform super attacks on your enemies, and without ki there are no supers, so that is why we have Ki items. There are a variety of Ki items, some lasting 1 turn, while some last up to 3! Below are the items that provide Ki

Fruit of Might: +3 Ki for 3 turns

Oolong: +3 Ki for a single turn

King: +1 Ki for 3 turns

Launch: Gives random amounts of Ki for 1 turn

3. Ghost Usher

dokkan battle best items

Ghost Usher is one of the best and most useful items in the game. It disables the opponent by forcing them to lose out on an entire turn! This allows you to attack freely however you choose. However, the only downside is that it cannot be used twice in a row. The ideal situation for a Ghost Usher is when your chance at Ki and your chance to block are not going to be efficiently combined.

Let’s say, for example, you are battling against a Strength Character, but the blue Orbs will not be accessible until the third attack and you need your AGI character to attack first to take the block. If you Ghost Usher at that turn, you can move the character into their most prominent positions, without having to worry about taking damage at all.

Another great example is during a Dokkan event, when the enemy boss has three attacks in three different locations. Using Ghost Usher at this time will allow for you to again, not have to worry about which character goes where and you can focus more on gathering the right amount of Ki to land Super Attacks.

2. Damage Reduction

dokkan battle best items

The Damage Reduction items do what their name says, it reduces the damage you take. It can also last 1-2 turns (depending on the item) and range from 25%-50% reduction. Below are the D.R items

King Yemma: Reduce damage taken by 50% (1 turn)

Icarus and Whis (2 different items):  Reduce damage taken by 35% for 2 turns

Ox King; Reduce damage by 25% (1 turn)

Last but not least

1. Senzu Bean and Dende

dokkan battle best items

Just like the anime, they both heal the crap out of you, healing you to full health! They can get you out of tight situations, and can save your life!

That wraps up today’s post! Stay Tuned for More!

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