These Things in Dokkan Battle Really Bug Me (And Should Bug You Too)

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is spiraling into becoming one of the most popular and high-ranking Dragon Ball Z games of all time. We are reminded just about every week how Dokkan Battle is a top grossing game on all major OS platforms such as Google Play and the Apple Store.

With that said, and while the game really is something incredible that we are all very happy to have been released, there is still quite a few things in Dokkan Battle that drive me absolutely insane. Seeing as Dokkan is this far along and so much work has been put into the game in order to not only make the fans happy but to keep the cash cow alive, I honestly doubt there will ever be changes to the things that I am about to mention.

Let’s start with some of the little things that bother me about Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle and see if you agree (you should):

Majin Vegeta’s Spirit Hands when launching Final Explosion

There’s a reason Dokkan Battle had to make an LR card for Majin Vegeta. Dragon Ball Z had a great number of iconic moments, and just about every character received their spot in the big lights. Majin Vegeta got his spot when he showed up during the Buu saga appearing as having been taken over by Babidi’s Mind Control.

As it turned out, Vegeta simply used Babidi to give him an extra boost of strength. This lead Dragon Ball Z fans (such as myself), and especially Vegeta fans (such as myself again) to see Majin Vegeta as one of the most bad ass part of Dragon Ball Z.

When Dokkan Battle first released Majin Vegeta (TEQ), with Big Bang Attack as a super attack, most of us went nuts. I know I went crazy trying to pull him, and eventually made him the first character that I would max the Super Attack of and Dupe.

When LR Majin Vegeta was snuck into the game under a Rising Carnival banner, much of us dropped a bunch of Dragon Stones of what would have normally been a pass-through banner. The golden moment to pull LR Majin Vegeta seemed to be the discounted AGL summon that appeared a couple of weeks after his release. To this day, LR Majin Vegeta has yet to receive any recognizing directly from Global Dokkan Battle and is still a character that kind of just appeared in the game.

That being said, LR Majin Vegeta is a massive powerhouse of a card. He is essentially an upgraded version of Super Vegito as a leader, and his super attacks hit extremely hard. But here is what disturbs me…

At about 1:55 in the video above, which is Majin Vegeta from the show Dragon Ball Z using his Final Explosion, you will see the moment where Vegeta extends his hands outward. It’s very difficult to see, but if you look close it appears as though he drops his hands to his side and is most likely making a fist.

In Dokkan Battle, Majin Vegeta does not slam his fists to his side when unleashing the blast from his body. Instead, he extends his hands and fingers out completely, not bend in his arms, more like a fancy dance pose. I don’t know why exactly this chills me to my core, but it’s very disturbing to take such a powerful attack that essentially destroyed the most powerful enemy in Dragon Ball Z and not copy it over directly.

LR Androids Mixed Up Super Attacks

The LR Androids were special to Dokkan Battle because they were not only free, just like LR Goku, but they were obtainable through the Friends summon banner. While yes, you have to summon them in order to boost their super attack, it was still a pretty cool free way to get an excellent LR card. Would I say that they do the kind of damage that some of the other LR cards do? Certainly not, but they didn’t take 500 Dragon Stones or more to pull like LR Broly… Anyway.

Here is what really disturbs me with the LR Androids. All LR cards have two super attacks, one for 12-17 or more Ki and the other for 18 or more Ki. Limitless Energy Androids #17 & #18 have these two Super Attacks: Accel Dance (12-17 Ki) and Non-Stop Violence (18+ Ki).

Take a look at these two videos, and then we will talk about what is seriously wrong here.

The first part of the video shows the super attack Accel Dance, which as mentioned earlier is when they obtain 12-17 Ki. The LR Androids launch a barrage of two-sided physical attacks that ends with an uppercut from both Androids #17 and #18. That uppercut knocks the enemy backwards and then there is a cut.

After the cut, we see the LR Androids up in the air with their hands facing downwards. They begin launching a dual barrage of ki blasts headed straight down to the Earth. Until we see the enemy again, it appears as though they are simply shooting ki blasts at nothing. After that, the enemy flies backwards once again and we are informed that there is a KO. Awesome. Let’s talk about Non-Stop Violence.

The second part of the video shows the super attack Non-Stop Violence, which is when the LR Androids obtain 18 or more Ki. The beginning of this super attack is extremely cool, the Androids fly at the opponent and then Zanzoken mid-flight to appear on both sides of the enemy. They land a

They land a vicious double uppercut and then a barrage of physical attacks, which includes a roundhouse kick that sends the opponent upwards into the air. The Androids follow the opponent, Zanzoken once again, and each land a downward kick that sends the opponent DOWNWARDS into the ground.

At this moment, you are expecting a Ki blast sent downwards at the enemy who has been sent downwards. I feel as though I am making my point. Instead, the LR Androids hold their hands forward at the same time and create a large Ki blast. That Ki Blast flies forward, which again makes it appear as though they are just randomly shooting a ki blast at nobody.

The camera follows the Ki blast to the enemy, and once impact is made we see an explosion coming up from the GROUND with no enemy there. The KO appears from the same spot on the ground, no enemy to be seen. This clearly tells me that Dokkan Battle just simply mixed up the two super attacks, and chose to keep it that way.

Hit’s Insane Lack of Damage

While I will admit that I do not follow Dragon Ball Super as well as I should, preferring the dub versions over the sub version, I know quite a bit about the story. It’s essentially impossible to not hear about what is going on when so many other people follow it. One thing that we all know for sure is that Hit is not only an awesome character, but he is one of the strongest known characters from Universe 6.

I was personally extremely excited to get a chance to play as Hit in both Dokkan Battle and Xenoverse 2, as he is a very exciting and powerful Assassin. It seemed as though there would be no doubt that he should be able to unleash some incredible damage. Instead, Hit is basically placeless in Dokkan Battle and we are left wondering what will happen after he receives a Dokkan Awakening. Hoping Dokkan Battle gives him some sort of buff or QoL.

Instead, Hit is basically placeless in Dokkan Battle and we are left wondering what will happen after he receives a Dokkan Awakening. Hoping Dokkan Battle gives him some sort of buff or QoL.

The Patch that Stole Our Dragon Stones

Dokkan Battle,, Dokkan Battle Patch, LR Majin Vegeta, LR Androids

So this title is maybe a little misleading, as Dokkan Battle’s recent patch did not literally steal our Dragon Stones. But here is what happened. For a good while there, a little over two years, we were able to reset Dokkan Battle if we made a mistake or something was not going our way. This was especially useful in that the Stamina cost for a lot of events is very high.

For example, when Dokkan Battle does not reduce the Stamina cost for the Events (which brings them right around what they should regularly cost), we are stuck paying 40 Stamina for old events that take less than 3 minutes to clear. I am referring to the 40 STA Z-Hard events that drop one Awakening Medal per clear.

Dokkan Battle a couple of weeks ago released a patch that brought Super #17 into the Global Edition. With this patch, we also received a very special gift: the inability to reset Dokkan Battle mid-battle. In other words, if all three of your units have selected their path of ki, you are stuck with the results of that turn.

Previously, if you made a mistake or were about to get hit by something devastating, you could reset the game. Some called it cheating, but it was a flaw in the design of the game that helped us reduce the usage of items and increase the time spent on the game.

Here is why it bothers me; Not all players have dropped money, or enough money, in Dokkan Battle to make some of the Super Events doable. SSJ4 Gogeta, Super #17, and a few others can get pretty hectic. With the ability to reset the game and try the turn again, players were able to experiment with difficult turn possibilities and not be forced to use Dragon Stones to Dokkan Awaken characters that were expensive enough to summon in the first place.

Many players used pretty much all of their stones to summon these characters, just to have to use more stones to Dokkan Awaken them.

The Dokkan Battle World Tournament

Dokkan Battle,, Dokkan Battle Patch, LR Majin Vegeta, LR Androids, World Tournament

Last, but not least, the Dokkan Battle World Tournament. I wrote the guide on how to take on the World Tournament, and yet still to this day it seems like you need to cancel your life for a few days in order to obtain a decent ranking.

The Dokkan Battle World Tournament is still extremely fun, but there was a time when you were awarded with Dragon Stones to keep you going. The last Tournament was not so bad, but it seemed for a while there that Dokkan Battle was going to award the winner of the tournament as the person who had the most time and spent the most Dragon Stones.

Furthermore, the World Tournament has gotten to the point where any sort of casual play will guarantee you nothing in the form of rewards. I personally had a 1 turn LR Broly team that demolished every team I went against on 20x Ambition, put a decent amount of time in, and still was unable to get under 10k in the overall rankings.

After the rankings were released, a list of players were banned for cheating, or botting, or whatever they were doing. The question is, are there really 10 thousand or more players who start the second the tournament drops until the moment it ends grinding? Do they not have ANYTHING to do?

Certainly, even just one moment away from the game takes its toll on your ranking.

Do you agree or disagree? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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