Thinking about using Dragon Stones for a Multi-Summon in Dokkan Battle? Read this first

Dokkan Battle is always tempting us with these fancy looking banners, But how do you know when to summon?

So I am one of many who tends to buy a lot of Dragon Stones, because I get sucked in by Dokkan Battle to summon on just about every banner. While many players discuss the rates and stats on which banner summons which characters, here are some basics and some things you should think about before you summon in Dokkan Battle.

First, keep in mind that summoning is very expensive. It costs 50 Dragon Stones per multi-summon, which grants you a higher chance of pulling an SR or SSR character. 5 Dragon Stones gets you a single summon, which is very successful for some, but not worth it to many others. Let’s first break it down in terms of money.

When Dragon Stones are not on sale, you pay no less than 50 cents per Dragon Stone from the Dokkan Battle Shop

If you wish to check my math, go ahead. But when Dragon Stones are not on sale, it costs (on the Global version of Dokkan Battle) $44.99 for 91 Dragon Stones. $44.99 (cost for 91 Dragon Stones divided by 91 (the amount of Dragon Stones), equals $0.494395604395604 per Dragon Stone. That means that Dokkan Battle is charging us $25 each time we perform a Multi-Summon that costs 50 Dragon Stones.

So for $25, you get to pull ten characters from whichever banner that you choose to summon from. At the very worst, you will obtain a bunch of rares and a couple of SR characters. At best, you will obtain at least one SSR character. But how do you know which banner is best for you? Especially when it costs $25 every time you open Dokkan Battle to perform a Multi-Summon!

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Dokkan Battle Premium Summon

The obvious statement is to pull from the Dokkan Battle Banners that appeal the most to you

As I am writing this, there are four banners available for me to pull from in my Global version of Dokkan Battle. The first banner is the “Rising Dragon Carnival” in which the SSR Summon Rate is apparently doubled. I can tell you that I have had great success, and I have pulled two Majin Vegeta from this banner. I have also pulled a few other SSR characters from this banner. But the catch is that you must determine if the banner is right for you.

Personally, I fall victim to Dokkan Battle when a new character comes out that I really want. For example, I am a huge fan of both Super Gogeta, Vegeta, Broly and Super Vegito. I am sure the same can be said for many Dragon Ball Z fans, and I am sure that I am not the only one who purchased a bunch of stones in order to summon from some of the latest Dokkan Battle banners that have come out. I have seen many people talk about how they used over 1,500 Dragon Stones and still did not pull Super Gogeta when he was initially released.

Be aware that Dokkan Battle is not promising you certain characters

Dokkan Blog, Dokkan Battle, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, Dokkan Battle Summon, Dokkan Battle Rising Carnival

Take this Dokkan Battle banner for instance; This banner is promoting STR type characters at max level, plus an Elder Kai (used to level up your character’s Super Attack by 1 when you train against him). Notice at the top left it says “Character List”. If you click that, you will see that Dokkan Battle lists every character that you may summon off of that banner. From the promoted SSRs, all the way down to the rares, there is your list. That being said, the rates are increased for promoted characters, which you can see from the “Scouter” button at the top right of the same image.

Before you get amped up over a banner, think to the future

Currently, I have 186 Dragon Stones. You must already know that when playing Dokkan Battle, especially when you have enough Dragon Stones for a multi-summon, it’s hard not to go for a pull. But here’s the catch (for me, anyways): Dragon Ball Super is going on. New characters are emerging such as SSGSS Vegito, Hit, Goku Black, Zamasu, etc. This means that we are bound to have these characters available to play eventually in Dokkan Battle.

If you have ever performed a summon on a new banner you know that the odds of you pulling the main character, or even one of the secondary characters, is extremely unlikely in your first attempt. Therefore, in my situation, I plan to continue gathering Dragon Stones from the login bonuses and from the promotions such as the Christmas event, saving those stones, and using them when Dokkan Battle releases a banner with characters that I really want. Currently, I am hoping for SSGSS Vegito to be released soon.

Think of summoning from Dokkan Battle like gambling

Whenever you go to pull from a multi-summon banner, pretend like you’re playing Blackjack at a casino. You’ve got 16 showing, and you’re asking for a hit. You are either going to bust and end up with a bunch of SRs and rares, or you’re going to beat the dealer and land that SSR you want. People have created threads all over the place discussing the summon rates, and many say the SSR pull chance is often less than 2%.

Others say it’s a one-in-three chance that you pull an SSR. I say that none of that matters, and the only way to find out is by summoning. But if you want my best advice, here it is: If you really want a certain character, save up as many Dragon Stones as you can and pull only from that banner.

In other words, your chances of getting that character are much greater if you have 200 Dragon Stones (which will allow you to pull four times from that banner) versus only having 50 Dragon Stones to spend. So I would strongly advise that you think about which character you want, and wait for that banner to come around. Then, multi-summon until you get that character. Be patient, and you will get the character you want.

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Think of your current Dokkan Battle Team List – consider summoning to compliment your team

When I first made my Dokkan Battle account, for whatever reason I was pulling TECH characters like it was nobody’s business. Yes, I got Majin Vegeta and TECH SSGSS Goku, but I was lacking heavily in a diverse team. So when banners were released that promoted character of certain types, I was pulling based on what I could use.

Let’s say for instance that you have Majin Vegeta, but you wish to Dokkan Awaken him. Imagine the event is here, but you do not have the required characters to take on the event. Knowing this, you can pull from banners that will help you get characters to help you defeat that event.

Another thing to think about is your current link skills. For example, two of my favorite link skills are Prepared for Battle and Over in a Flash. With the World Tournament coming up, I know that I need a team consisting of link skills that will yield a lot of ki, because that’s how you dominate the World Tournament. In the beginning, before I had a mega-roster, I would pull based on link skills that would help me out in the World Tournament, such as the ones that I just mentioned.

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