Thoughts about Clash of Fates?

So I've finally sat down today and looked a bit closer at Clash of Fates and so far, I'm not impressed.

My thoughts on them:

Red Frieza/Ginyu: Swaming shit that gets destroyed by Kami. The SR Frieza is nice and the Field Card is great, but overall I'm not that impressed

Blue Bardock: The Finisher is "ok", the Rest is meh(besides the new 2 Drop Goku and Borowhatever he's called)

Green Goku: Field Card Removal for 2 and the Gohan who makes Set 1 Krillin Blocker free. 2 Green cards for Shenron/Green Decks like Namekians and Broly(the field card and the better World Peace), but the Rest is not really impressive tbh

Yellow Namekians: Support for Namekians, is good, but Namekians are meh and probably won't get that Meta relevant with this(but still nice)

Black Cards: Porunga Support for Shenrons is sick, because of the Field Reset + Draw 2 for the same mana price as Kamis reset, but that's it for me as well

I usually buy multiple boxes at release and go to craft new decks(god, so many new decks for me since set 5), but this time I'm just not convinced, if I should even buy 1 of them, rather than buying my Greed Support singles and wait for the rest to drop to cheap prices like ToP and WMA. Waht are your thoughts?

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